Road update LakXao to Gnommalat


Nov 10, 2003
A lot of road building activities ongoing. The northern part is still bad but the southern part is now very good as they are building a new road. The new road will start somewhere near the northern turn-off to the dam being constructed.


The old road will be underwater in a year or so but is still open as logs are being taken out. In case you want to have some offroad fun in that area you better hurry.

The new road is not yet sealed but is now in use from well before (north) the new bridge up to Nakai and they are working hard on the part from Nakai to the power station. From close to the power station up to the junction with Rd 12 the road is now race track quality with asphalt.

The old bridge is now being taken out and the new bridge is open for traffic (picture taken from new bridge).


Rd 12 is now finally being sealed and from the Mahaxai turnoff all the way to Thakek is in very good condition although watch out in the corners as there is a lot of loose gravel.