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Discussion in 'New Members' started by redroo900, Nov 27, 2013.

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    I everyone I'm known as Roo by most, real name Steve, myself and my partner Whitney will be moving to Thailand in the next month, at this point in time we will be in Phuket but that is only a starting point as we have friends there.

    In Oz I ride a stock ZZR1100 Kawasaki commuter, a fully worked and stripped back streetfighter ZZR1100, A RGV250 Suzuki fitted with an XR650, a VFR400 Race Bike and a few other toys, Whitney rides a Kawasaki Zephyr 550. Whitneys reasonably new to riding bikes but I have just passed my 2 million Kilometer mark

    We are setting up a motorcycle parts export business in Thailand, as I have owned Photographic Studio's and motorcycle shops in Australia we will continue to stay in the same fields when we do get going.

    At 1st we will ship over the XRGV650 soon after arrival, its currently being refitted from a race spec bike to a sporty touring bike.

    We would like to become part of the motorcycle community in Thailand, do a lot of travelling and exploring of Asia and Europe, it's all new to us so we are wide eyed with an open mouth so any advice on anything re living and riding in Thailand will be most welcomed.

    Thanks in advance and would love to hear from anyone to talk bikes, riding and touring, ohh I'm a huge race fan as well..:D
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  3. redroo900

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    Hi Tim not sure just where yet, will be doing a tour around in the 1st few weeks looking as have never been over before, yes I've heard Chiang Mai is pretty good too Tim, we will arrive at Phukett like most do I suppose and take it from there, would prefer to be less touristy though so can't see us setting up in Phukett ... getting eager now to get there and start.. :happy4:
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    brake034 I haven't looked into the importing of the bikes as yet, I guess I should do more after your response and find a different way of doing things where that's concerned, as for the business side of things that's well under control... the Thai work ethic sounds.. err.., thanks for the heads up, have you set up a business in Thailand?
  5. DavidFL

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    Gday & welcome to GTR & Asia's # 1 motorcycling destination.
    Whatever you do please research it properly & take it a step at a time - don't jump straight in at the deep end first, because nothing it as simple as it seems here.
    Understanding the local culture, system & lingo will take a few years to get it right.

    For a good run down on touring & the bike scene here go through the GTR new user list!

    All the best & hope to see you in Chiang Mai "soon."
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    Hi David.. thanks for the welcome, due diligence as always is the go, i'll check out the link too..cheers
  7. redroo900

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    Brake, my new business's will be internet based so prob will keep them Aussie based as such until I have the real low down on things, I'll operate between and with the factories in china I'll be working with from a home base but most things for the interim will be done this way, my new business is AXE Mechanica specializing in modern café racer gear to fit newer bikes.. now to get some learning in on local lingo and
  8. daewoo

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    G'Day Blue,

    Don't know how experienced you are with Thailand. Forgive me if I am teaching you how to suck eggs.

    If you are working in Thailand (even an online business where nothing is transacted in Thailand) you are supposed to get a Work Permit. No easy task if you are a sole trader. You might choose to ignore that requirement, and hope that nothing ever comes of it. Just know that, any falling out with a Thai, your cleaner, gardener, neighbour, and you might find the BIB knocking on your door.

    If you are transacting in Thailand (i.e. importing into Thailand, or employing staff), you will really need to set things up properly, and it isn't particularly easy, and includes a requirement for the business to be 51% Thai Owned, and to employ a certain ratio of Thai staff. There are ways around it, but it is complex and convoluted.

    As for where to live; lots of expats looking for a beach lifestyle choose Phuket or Samui, the prices in those areas reflect that, and don't necessarily attract the best class of people (Thai or foreign). You might think about alternatives like HuaHin, which is becoming increasingly popular (although the beach isn't anything like Phuket).

    If you want to BUY parts in Thailand foe export, most of that manufacturing will be in Rayong, nearer to BKK, but on the other side of the Gulf to Hua Hin and Phuket.

    For riding, you really want to look at Chiang Mai - although the big negative with The North is the months of smoke Feb - April. For that reason, many escape to the beaches during that time - or maintain apartments in both North and South...
  9. redroo900

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    Daewoo thanks for the heads up too, any and all info I can get is a help, whats the score with long term residency there, what do most expats do to stay?

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