round 1 of the suzuki sport supermoto superbike champi

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  1. is on Saturday the 31st :D :D :D
    there is a brand new dirt section also , you get 10-15 min of practice at 8.30-900 am then 2 x 6 lap races first around 12 then second race about 3-3.30.

    we are having a working b this saturday morning just to clean up the dirt section then followed by practice from 9.00- 12.00 .

    everyone is welcome at the suzuki sport day , its one of the best events i have raced at in thailand as they like having the foreigners there and make you feel very very welcome , so come down and race / ride or watch it will be a great day

    cheers shane
  2. The first round was yesterday its was a good turn out over 20 bikes and there where 6 Aprilias on the grid .
    its a shame we couldn't run the new dirt section due to a week of solid rain

    i had an English guy that was going to ride my spare bike , but he got a call up or work on the Tuesday before , so i sent a message to a mate in qld Steve who finish 3 rd overall last year in the novice class of the Australian championship ,on Wednesday i asked what he was doing this sat and if he wanted to fly over and race my other bike , well i got a reply back in about 10min saying he has booked his ticket and would be here Friday night .

    the racing was great and really close with Matt patterson from tyga performance , Ryan Brown and myself with inches of each other ,i came out on top for the day with a 1st and a 2nd giving me enough points to take the overall .Ryan finished the day in 2nd after a 3rd in race one and winning the second race {bastard} i tried everything to get passed but he didn't make a single mistake and i couldn't make it through .
    Steve after a small off in practice done really well finishing 6th in race one and 5th in race 2 , so he finished 5th overall for the day .He lives in qld but the heat started to get to him by the end of the day its very different racing in Asia :-}


    here are my bikes

    the first corner

    on the box

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