Route 18a Redux

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  1. Laos Route 18a REDUX.

    Crash and Splash highlights from 4 different rides along this famous track..

    What a ripper ( Spot the hand from the black lagoon )


  2. Thanks for Posting !
  3. Brilliant stuff Brian.... What a hoot...... hope no-one got too damaged.

    Just amazing how much stick these bikes can take and keep going. Some of those water crossings look really deep too.

    Thanks for that, made me laugh and I'm jealous......
  4. No one hurt at all.  Just one ktm drowned twice lol.

    The last big River crossing you see. Is about 4 years ago with rex. There is also a raft..  But we wanted to ride it.

    Few years back a bridge opened up. So you can get through quickly and easy now.

    Water was high in the early parts as end November. Bit early to be going through there.   The mud splat was with rex in Dec 4 years earlier.

    You have to go and ride that trail.


  5. "The hand from the black lagoon"...That was so funny, maybe not for you at the time seeing that you were covered from helmet to toe with buffalo crap.

    Great clip once again Brian.
  6. Ha ha moto rex.  I remember you laughing and taking pictures at the next Creek crossing as I ended up swimming trying to get the mud off.  The water was cold too in December.

    What a ripper ride.  Never tire of 18a. Always a bit different from the last time.

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