Royal Enfield 500 Efi Classic Black Chrome With Sidecar: The Report

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  1. ROYAL ENFIELD Classic 500 cc. Black Chrome with Side Car
    A British Classic, Made in India

    After some 500 Km on the clock, the bike has deserved its position within my bike park.

    Out of the Royal Enfield Bangkok Thonglor Show Room -GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY Company Ltd-, just one day before Song Kran 2560, the bike was a true "catastrophe".

    The bike was delivered with no alignement between the bike and the sidecar (toe out, lean out), just imagine...

    Royal Enfield and his dealers has to seriously review their delivery QC at delivery.

    The first km with the bike was a "funny nightmare" with most of bolds and nuts going loose:

    -front and sider fenders
    -starter contatcor
    -Exhaust pipe
    -Gear shock absorber
    -Etc, etc...

    OK, so, never mind, it's not my first bike, I fixed everything by myself and until the next...Now it seems OK but I do not spare any new surprise.....

    Now, let's go in the flesh:

    The bike is nice to drive, thanks to a wonderful torque and a well stepped gear box.

    Neutral position is nearly impossible to find when stopped

    The engine sounds well especially magnified by a replacement exhaust muffler is fantastic, the bike breathes well and despite low HP, it brings the side at an acceptable cruising speed.

    Do not expect to blow 100 Km/h, but it's enough to enjoy Thailand marvels when cruising.

    Riding position is good and the combination between hydraulic front fork, gas shock absorbers and spring suspended saddle is perfect to give a good confort along roads.

    Brakes do their job properly and the side disc is perfectly tuned, I can say that the bike is safe while riding.

    As I already pointed out in my early reports on the bike, driving a sidecar is physical. The side does not want to really go where you would like to...You have to be firm with it ! Then (with a left hand side) you have to muscle your right arm....
    Left turns are a kind of fitness exercise as Right turns are "acrobatic"...

    I, already, control the ride on 2 wheels (side lifted) on Right turns...

    To complete the stock equipment, I add:

    -a Car radio Kenwood KDC-BT610U with a HP set (tweeters .......+boomers)
    -a voltmeter
    -2 USB plugs
    -a 400 watts Electronic siren with wireless remote
    -2 additional 20 watts LED spotlights
    -a LED headlight replacement bulb
    -a TK102 GPS tracker
    -a CTEK MSX 5.0 permanent charger plug

    This install has been realized by a very good car electrician in Cha Am, I can only recommend for his good job. The guy is caring of my vehicles since years and I am always very satisfy.

    Now after 500 Km, and after having fixed most of tholepin bolds and nuts, I encounter again an issue with the bike/sidecar alignment (again toe out & lean out); I ask the dealer -GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY Company Ltd- to send me sidecar technicians to solve the issue which should be cover by the warranty.

    For me the conception of this sidecar miss a strength leg between the side and the bike.

    So it is, the bike will be ready for cruising kilometers on the beautiful Thai roads.

    Intending to carry on maintenance by myself, I discover the parts are very cheap, for instance a oil change set (including all seals and oil filter) costed me 240 THB, which is very cheap...

    If I discourage Friends to acquire such sidecar because of all the issues it comes with, I encourage you to acquire such sidecar bike, it will give you an other view of bike riding and help you to better appreciate beauties of Thailand while cruising safe.

    One more thing, despite engagement from the -GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY Company Ltd- to get the book for the sidecar within 2 month, they notify me they won't be able to register the bike with the sidecar and I have to register only the bike on it own. Again a bit disappointing.
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  2. Nice report - amusing.
    You are no doubt a man with a passion for motorcycles.

    What sort of warranty do you get with the bike - how long / how many kms?
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  3. Hi David, Hi Friends,

    I fear with this kind of company, I think you should not expect more than a warranty "up to the corner of the street". The mechanic seems to be "rustic" and I think I can do it on my own...

    Keep the Power On !
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  4. Now, if only the Indians would invest in some of this.....

    2017-05-20 07.39.12.
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  5. Doesnt your enfield have a neutral finder ,, most that i service for people in Uk have one on the gearbox ???? i love enfield they are suprisingly torquey and have old world charm and yes tightening up bits is like old brit bikes ,,

    personally i prefer the 350 to the 500 no slower but a bit smoother ,, one issue is build quality of metal used in some parts it may not be hardened correctly in the factory ,, but they are simple to fix

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