Rumbled by the weather in the Pattaya jungle.

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  1. brian_bkk

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    What a great day.. Except for the ungodly hour of waking up at 5.20am...


    Mike lives nearby and rides over for 6am...
    Load up the bikes and off we go with a McDonalds healthy breakfast to go.

    By the time we ride off.. It was 9 or just after.. Already stinking hot.
    We had probably barely gone 500 metres when we made it up the first technical bit and needed to drink a load of water.



    To be honest.. the rest of the morning was really hot and unbearable.. A few stops and a few more.
    Poor Reza is quite fit and healthy.. Us office workers were slowing him down with the rest and rehydration breaks.



    Here comes Robert.

    Then the clouds came in.. After the stinking hot morning we were in for a lot of rain..
    Lightning cracking right above out heads and we are in the hills...

    Then a muddy run out.. The trails became funnels for the water to run out and slippery
    All good fun.. It actually made the day a lot of fun.. Just stinking hot all day would have not been very pleasant.

    The next one was a case of all in or all out.. You had to whack it to get up and of course try and stay on the track..






    Easy to lose traction and take the other line..



    Here comes Phil Loth at warp speed.






    Now it has been chucking it down for a while and we are soaked and head back for some noodles at this great little shop near the park entrance.



    Great day.. We all laughed after getting up the muddy hill.. We had our rumble....

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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Looks like Robert is Walking on Water! Impressive! A Holy Man!
  4. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    Not much walking, but am least sitting on water.... :) When we first sat down, felt a bit bad
    as water was sort of pouring off our gear onto the floor. No problem, as a brief time later we
    were sitting in a small lake. Think if that level of rain had hit us an hour earlier, would have
    had a tough time getting out with some of the steep slippery tracks. The early morning was
    hot hot hot, by late morning I felt like I had been cooked in my heavy riding jacket. Note to
    self : buy mesh riding protection....... The rain was a two edged sword, as it make the trail
    a bit more slippery, but also worked great at cooling me off !!!! It was mostly downhill by the
    time the really heavy rain started, so was sort of fun to be riding down trails that looked like
    like small rivers, keeping slightly to the left in the water and hoping for the best.....
  5. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Looks you guys had a good day out playing in the mud.

    One bonus is, you didn't have any problems with the dust.

    Love the water gushing through the mag wheel in the holy ones photo. Lol

    Great report as always brain.

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