SaKaew Bike week 1-9-2010 ?

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  1. Anyone heard anything about this?
  2. Ray ...I have been searching the THAI bike sites with no luck...but ia m in Sakaew tommorow so mwill ask around

  3. Thanks Jerry,

    That would be great haven't been able to find anything either.
  4. We're riding from Phitsanulok on the 9th. I haven't seen anything on the net but the Thai boys must know something.
  5. I'll check around here with the Thai guys, nothing unusual about them knowing and no clue for us. Nothing personal if they see you they will tell you, usually that morning :lol:

    So where are you riding to on the 9th?
  6. Thats how show on my map and GPS, not far from the Cambodia border. ( Hwy 33)
  7. I think Ray means this
    Sa Kaeo (Thai: สระà¹
  8. actually there are several towns with that name.

    The last bike wek was right next to Cambo border
  9. Yes Ray same place, i been there many times when riding to Pattaya, as there is my favorate hotel just by the junction with exelent parking place
  10. Can you contact the hotel and find out if there is a bike week on 9th?
  11. Ray

    I dont even know the hotels name :shock: , only location!
  12. YES THE SHOW IS ON 9th and 10th Sakaew /Aranyapratet area in 2008 it was held at Aranyapratet and was excellent the host club is Border Knights,

    I will try to get more details.
  13. Thanks I will get it out to the ride list so they know about it.

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