Sale ! My Givi Pannier to Fit Versys for Taking Givi V35 Side Boxes

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by arkus, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I'd like to resell my never-been-used GIVI pannier holder -
    rapid detachable rack system, PLXR450 together with 450kit.
    The rack set has been designed to fit Versys
    for taking GIVI V35 side boxes.
    I myself bought them from a shop in Italy.
    May I offer you very good deals of
    10,500 baht for PLXR450 +
    2,500 baht for 450kit.
    (not including the shipping costs around 3-500 baht)
    In total, you can save around 3,000 baht comparing with
    the prices offered by any retailers in Thailand. Most importantly,
    you'll get Italian products, not Chinese-made ones.

    The URL links hereunder may help showing you about Givi V35 and the rack system.

    contact: [email protected]

    Khob Khun Krub !
  2. Hi arkus what colour are they, and have you photos
    sorry never read it properly i thought it was the boxws
  3. Hi Jim,

    Just read the title that I typed and found that
    actually, it's my mistake, sorry.

    Yes, I want to sell the rack system (pannier holder).

    Thank for visit anyway :)

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