sales figures of 250cc Kawasakis?

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  1. I wonder how many 250 Kawasaki sold in the last year in Thailand. I'd like to know the ratio Ninja to KLX to D-Tracker. I'd guess 60% Ninja, 25% KLX, 15% Tracker.
    Does anybody have any information on those figures or know where I could find them on the internet?
    Googled it but didn't find any.
  2. I have no figures but would think the D-Tracker is more popular than the KLX
  3. At the Kawasaki factory tour I attended a couple years ago I asked which 250 sells better and was told that Kawasaki does not publish domestic sales figures...
  4. Yeah, they're too embarrassing, Kawasaki having only about 2% of the Thai market!
    What do you think how the split Ninja/KLX/D-Tracker sales is? Is the D-Tracker more popular than the KLX?
    There are more Ninjas around because they have been for sale longer than the singles, but I still guess they make for more than half of new sales.
  5. I'd say Kawasaki's best selling bike by volume has to be the little KSR110.

    Most Thais seem to want sport bikes so I'd guess the Ninja 250R outsells the D-Tracker.

    The KLX really isn't meant for city riding and is too tall for many.

    No doubt the new Honda CBR 250 is eating into the sales of the more expensive Ninja 250R. Still, it can be argued that the Ninjette is worth the small price premium. (But please, let's not start that pissing match on this forum!!!)

    Happy Trails!

  6. I've read a comparo and they gave the dyno figures, the Ninja had 26 and the Honda 22hp at the rear wheel. Quite a change from 33 and 26!
    But the Honda has more midrange punch so that it feels both bikes have the same power around town.
    Only at higher speeds the Ninja has the advantage because it revs higher.

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