Sartso kevlar pants at Fast Corner?

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  1. I people,

    In search of a good pair of kevlar pants to bring along for my next trip to LOS i found these cargo pants from Sartso that seems to be just what i'm looking for, and according to their dealer-page they even have a few retailers in Thailand as well. One of them is Fast corner, however none of the listed dealers have the brand on their sites so there's no way to find out about price and availability.

    Have any of you seen this brand (or know of a good alternative to the pants in the link) in LOS , if so, please let me know.

    All help is much appreciated.
  2. Dear DaRider,

    i don;t know if they are at Fast Corner, but Sartso kevlar Jeans are at NINJA SHOP : (the owner is Khun Nititorn , he speaks english )

    If you want to know more about Sartso kevlar Jeans, you may contact DON HODGSON he is charge of the Sartso jeans, you can contact him on facebook.


  3. Well actually at the Kawa dealer in Pattaya they have them for sale ..... but almost 7000thb!!! Would it not be easier & cheaper to buy just a good strong jeans for 1500thb and add some protective gear?

    Chang Noi
  4. Problem is that regular denim jeans are not abrasion resistant at all and if you try to test even the thickest selvedge jeans like they do the Sartos in this vid I predict you'll burn through them in a few meters-

    Of course the Thai retail prices are ridiculous, but you can buy the same Sartso pants in the US for as little as $135 then ask a friend to carry them over or mail them to you and you've just saved a bunch of money.

    I was also looking for new riding pants and came across these awesome Iicon SuperDuty cargo pants at Dirtshop a couple of weeks ago:
    Click to Enlarge

    But Dirtshop wanted mad money for them so I ordered from the US instead. $105 + $13.95 shipping, they arrived here in record time and I didn't get charged any duty- Score!
  5. FWIW seen and admired them at Fast Corner chiang mai. They had only denim colors I think, ie blue jeans style, but very cool. 7,000 Baht.

    Ordering online is probably cheaper - although if you do get nailed for duty you might end up paying around the same as the Thai price.

    Tony, going all martial, are we? 555 :p
  6. Thanks for the replies fellas.

    sharkthailand, i had a look at but they're not listed. Maybe a phone call is a better option?

    Anyway, at 7000thb. its pricey, no doubt, but thats still around 3000 less than what they go for around these parts (that'll be Sweden..) and i figure they offer better protection than the rough canvas cargo's i've been using so far, and they also have optional insert knee protectors so they could be used as casual pants for the occasional cold snap, also meaning i could dump the Thor protectors (very solid but bulky gear) i have now. Very important when living out of a backpack..:)

    Tony, I've been looking at those icon pants as well, but not sure if they're casual enough for non-riding so to speak. Are they heavily insulated, could they be used "off-bike" as well?

    Maybe ordering over the net is the better option. How long would that usually take, assuming stuff is in stock and so on?
  7. I'm digging the Icon Superduty pants.
    They are heavy, but roomy and VERY comfortable.
    It's funny you mention Thor protectors because I picked up a set of these Thor Force protectors from Dirtshop that I wear under the pants-


    Dirtshop was asking 3990 Baht for them and I bargained that price down a bit so that in the end they were cheaper than ordering from the US. Which just goes to show you shouldn't always dismiss the Thai shops- sometimes you can find some good deals in Thailand.

    To answer you last question- I ONLY order from shops that will ship USPS. If you order from a shop that ships FedEx, UPS, DHL or some other private courier you are pretty much guaranteed to get hit with max duty and tax. Items shipped USPS usually reach me in about 7-10 days.

    Happy Trails!

  8. Hi Tony,
    Impressive Kit! Can You email a Link to that stuff? I would be keen on getting some Myself? The knee Protectors look spot on! I am surprised they fit under Your Pants this is one of the problems I have they don't fit under My Jeans! I wear the these Cortex ones:
    Look a bit Funky riding with Knee Guards outside on a Road Bike so any info would be appreciated? Thanks.
  9. Cheers Ian,

    Here's a link to the eBay listing for the Icon Superduty pants:

    $105 + $13.95 USPS shipping to Thailand. They shipped my order the same day I paid and I received the order in record time.

    I agree with you that wearing armor strapped over pants looks a bit odd. (Though that's the way nearly ALL the Thai guys do it). Your average pair of jeans probably won't have enough room to fit bulky armor underneath.

    I tried my Thor Force protectors over pants and I found that set-up quite uncomfortable.

    Ride On!

  10. ^^ those knee protectors look great... unlike the foam pads in my mesh pants these things look like they'd actually protect my knees in an accident. Next on my shopping list...
  11. I'm new to all this off-road armor stuff and went to AdvRider to see what those guys recommend and these Thor Force kneeguards seem to have received nothing but positive reviews.
  12. Thanks much for the input! Very useful info on USPS.

  13. FWIW...
    Using the US Postal Service for international shipments is fine. But, be aware that using Express Mail almost guarantees that Thai Customs will also charge duty.
    Always use Priority Mail. A little slower than Express, but far less chance of having Customs adding duty to your shipment!
  14. Hi again,

    I got me a pair, from Fast Corner cnx (really nice fellow that runs that store!).

    They're just what i was looking for. Super comfy, simple and well made. Price was somewhat better than mentioned above, including knee pads (they charge extra for those where i'm from! Bloody thieves!!) but they're more the style you stick in your work pants when working on your knees a lot. I'll stick with the Thor ones.. Hopefully i won't have to find out how well the pants protects anytime soon..:)

    Happy rides!
  15. How much for the Sartsos and how much for the Thors and where did you get the Thors in Chiang Mai?

    This looks like a setup I might want to get as well.

    Camo isn't really my style...
  16. Yes, i got the Thor protectors in Chiang Mai, from the moto-x shop in the corner Moon Muang, Sri poom insde the moat (can't remember the name now..). They had to order over night from BKK though, cost was 4000 THB.

    However, i did see a pair in the shop across from Suriwong about a week ago, price was closer to 3000 THB. if i remember correctly.

    Pants was 6000 THB. (after negotiation :) ).
    The combination works good, plenty of room, but you won't be able to do those meanest dance moves, and I'd recommend wearing a pair of those expendable cotton tubes (you can find at the pharmacy) underneath the protectors, it gets really itchy without..

    Happy trails!
  17. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
  18. Went to the export shop last week at Central airport and there were cordura pants on sale, really thick material...around 500 baht.

    get em while you can...

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