Saturday Nov 5th

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  1. A few of us are heading up to Nung Bua Lampho and hook with a few farrang riders who live there and hopefully meet the mechanic I had heard about. I believe those guys will go on ride the next day. If anyone can and wants to join in let me know I we can up a meeting place and time.
  2. Sorry about that Saturday the 4th, we will be meeting at Lotus on Ring Road at 0900, the whole idea is just to meet some other riders that live up there everyone is welcome
  3. Well thought I was going to Nung Bua Lampho, but it was Non Sang instead. From Udon 2313, only dicey part is the new construction area just before you get to Nung Bua Lampho, but it's not that bad.

    Turn left at the red light. 2146 after you make the left in town, that will take you to Non Sang. Great road little traffic nice curves. We made a left on 2109 and saw a sign that said 74 KMS to Khan Kean.

    Thats where we met up with new Motorcycle Club, The White Devils just getting started so I think seven member with my joining. Great bunch of guys lots of kidding round and they know bikes.

    Ended up at a lake by Non Sang where they were having a celebration with long boat racing. lots of music and just friendly poeple. They guys were standing about and drinking beer in front of one the food stands and the opearator came out moved her bike and sit a mat in the shade for us.

    If you get a chance to ride with these guys I think you will have fun

    Took the same route back to Udon, a I had some business to take care of.

    Actual ride time round trip four hours.

    noticed if you just want to get out and about, there is excellent riding in the area.

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