saxonator strikes again (Vang Vieng)


Jun 1, 2003
I didn't get the permission to Luang Prabang by my bike. I could have said "**** it- I'm going anyway". Well Germans tempt to be like this. So I decided to get one of those Baja XLR 250. Half an hour later I was sitting on the bike and leaving Vientiane behind me. The first 60 km's were pretty boring. From then on it became much more interesting concerning the view in the road condition. Serpentines all the way until Vang Vieng. Actually I wanted to continue to Luang Prabang, but when I stopped for lunch I decided to stay here for a day or two. The prices of the guesthouses are so more convenient then those of Vientiane. Viang Vieng is a nice little city. I probably go kayaking tomorrow for a change. to be continued...

(next episode: saxonator goes swimming)