Searching for custom helmet painting/air brushing in Udon

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  1. Well, I've been to one helmet shop and two well-known bike shops in Udon on a search for someone who can paint my helmets and maybe do some custom air-brushing, but I have struck out on all counts.

    Does anyone know of any shops in Udon that do this?

    I am going to try two more today that are near UD Town. After that, I'll have no idea where to go next.

    One of my riding buddies said that there was a guy in the Night Market who did this, but that he doesn't see him there anymore.

    Thanks for any help! :thumbup:
  2. Ray in Udon got his done a few years back and it was really good, an American Indian theme with a wolf. His helmet won a competition 4,000B prize, paintjob on his helmet cost 1,900B. Try and PM him, I think he is Ray23 or something?
  3. Give me a call 086 227 8006, Khon kaen based, on facebook "pinkies paint and airbrush" Danny is the name. Adrian Neil Danby is my facebook name, have a look on my Timeline too


  4. Thanks! I'll check with Ray!
  5. Thanks, Danny!

    I will give you a call! Might take a ride to KK in the next few days.

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