SELL Scouter Honda Click tune-up - 125cc - Bangkok <25 000Bath

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  1. Selling my scouter after 3weeks i bought it on official Honda Shop (receipt available)
    I bought it 29 000Bath and sell it 23 000bath.
    Reason of selling : cannot cross Thailand border with tourist visa... :mad:

    Scouter in good condition, been check up of course by mechanical staff before i bought it.
    new rear tire and battery
    2006 model
    34 000km
    basket on the front and inside
    no damages
    1 helmet
    miss 1 side miror
    spear key...
    All original scouter paper and book

    based in Bangkok
    very good staff
    call julien : 0831392658 :thumbup:

    quick sell!!
    no picture yet
  2. ?? Something is not right there.
    If you own the bike & it is in your name you should be able to cross the border.
    Which border crossing did you try?
    You might want to take a look at this GT Rider Border Crossing info.
  3. ok, iam not the owner of the motobike, i mean that what is write on my buying receipt, full name and everything, but
    because i came to thaillande with a Tourist Visa, i cant get scouter registration with my name.
    I went to my embassy, had rendez-vous with staff, but they dont want to help me cause of my visa...
    Thanks for your link anyway. Your website is good! :)
    I want to cross Thaillande border heading to Cambodgia and Vietnam by scouter :)
    Just in thaillande i cant do it.. Cambodgia to Vietnam will be ok :)

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