Shark helmets now available for kids

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  1. Shark helmets are now available for kids in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia.

    XS = 8 to 10 years old

    S= 10 to 12 years old

    M = 12 to 14 years old

    Offroad or Full face helmets, Discount price ( starting at 5999 baht net public price for RSF3 model ), 5 years warranty

    Now you can bring your kids to School, in total safety !

    Enjoy the ride


    Attached files 269601=4181-RSF3%20RSF3%20COLOR%20Black%20Orange%20Red. 269601=4182-RSF3%20RSF3%20MINT%20Black%20Gold%20Silver. 269601=4183-RSI%20RSI%20SPOT%20Black%20Anthrac%20Silver.
  2. Hi Sylvain

    which shops in bangkok stock kids sizes and can you give the sizes in cm for the S and M sizes.
  3. That's great news!

    Same question as Muzza- where can I take my kids to try these helmets in Bangkok?


  4. Usually takes a while after things are announced to actually reach stores, should be available by now though I guess.

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