Shell Game


Nov 18, 2008
I just got back to Pai today after a long, uncomfortable stay in the "Frozen North" in the U.S. As is my usual routine, coming from Chiang Mai, I stopped off at the Shell Station in Mae Taeng to top off my 7L. tank before the 100km trip through the twisties because, for some time now, I've been able to get 95 benzene (marketed as "V-POWER 95 Gasoline" on the red sticker at the pump). I pulled up to the pump and was just about to say "dtem tang" when I noticed that the sticker read "V-POWER 95 Gasohol" at a cheaper price than the gasoline used to be but 3 baht per liter more than regular 95 gasohol. Far as I know gasohol is gasohol and 95 is 95 so I saved myself 3 baht/L. and pulled over to the green sticker pump because benzene 95 "mai mee". When did this happen? Did I miss this detail when I when I topped off at the Shell near the moat and Mahidol Road previously? Looks like a sneaky way to get 3 baht more for the same old gasohol but any input would be appreciated.