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  1. G'day Fellas,

    Last weekend when up in Chiang Khong.. Picked up this very handy Siam Hammock at Tamilla Guest House.

    Will be taking this on our off-raod adventures from now on.



    Very versatile.. hammock, one man tent.. Lot more rugged and sturdy that the standard hammock you pick up in the sports shop.

    Cost I think was around 1,400 baht.. approx,
    The flysheet if I called it the right name.. more like a tarp over the top to protect you from the weather.. Is very functional.
    The Flysheet has a hood, so if you get exposed to the elements, wrap yourself up and stay dry and warm.

  2. I have one Brian.

    I've not used it in anger . I think it's unbeatable for the price.
  3. Very nice! I've also been looking for a camping hammock and this one looks very versatile and a real value! :happy1:
  4. Used the Siam Hammock in "Anger" last weekend.. As Lakota put it.

    What a great piece of equipment.. Extra long for us 6ft plus Farang.. The local hammocks you pick up are good, but made for Asian body sizes.

    I had the best nights sleep.. way better than I expected. Every night a good sleep and 1000% better than a tent on the hard ground.
    Only thing that woke me up was the cold.. Yes, cold in the jungle in Kanchanburi during May..
    With the mosquitos net zipped up it does help keep a bit of warmth in.

    Extra pair of socks and riding shirt with long sleeves helped.

    Few Pics of the hammock in action.. Great piece of well made kit.. Recommend it..




    The inside view

    Five stars from me..

  5. Nice review Brian!

    Do you know of any shops that sell this in Bangkok?

    I'd like to pick one up :)
  6. Hi Tony,

    Glad you found the pics and feedback useful.

    You can't buy them in Bangkok that I am aware of. In the first pic there is a URL and Website / email.

    Didn't have much luck with the Email.. never received a reply.. May be call the number and have your Mrs ready to speak to them if only Thai on the other end.

    Pretty sure Tamilla will EMS it for you.. make sure you get the Flyscreen too.. keep the weather off and keep you dry / body warm if caught in the cold.

  7. Ive been looking for a good hammock is it easy to put away after use? Looks a good find thanks

  8. This hammock was designed & used by Watchara himself at Tammila Guesthouse.
    Wat has cycled just about everywhere in the region - Thailand / Laos / Myanmar / Vietnam / Yunnan & knows what he is doing - on the road for weeks at a time alone, often camping out on single track in the jungle. I don't doubt this is an absolute winner.
    With one of my early riding mates years ago, we used to think we were pretty tough exploring new roads & areas, but we always found out that Watchara had been there before on his bicycle - alone. A true adventurer & pioneer in the region. One of the originals. And he takes his Siam Hammock with him every where.
  9. ^ Fantastic- I'll run over there this weekend and have a look. Thanks for the info! :happy1:
  10. Thanks for the heads up madjbs

    I live only one BTS stop away and decided to stop in on the way home and check out the shop.

    As you mention. Take the exit going north from the BTS. (You can see 7/11 on the left)

    Standing in front of the 7/11 there is a door to the left where the GT Rider watermark is

    You walk up the steps to the main shop on the second floor.
    You get the feeling not many people drop in.


    Siam Hammock available and fly sheet (Tarp)


    Siam Hammock 1,450 Baht
    Fly Sheet around 750 Baht

    The owners / staff said to check the website and they can EMS anything you want in Thailand.

  11. The owner at TrekkingThai turned me on to another shop just 2 stops up the BTS at Saphan Kwai, called KitCamp (
    Come down the stairs at Exit 3, u turn at the bottom of the stairs, walk about about 40 feet, and hook a right and go down the soi 100 feet. On the right.

    Great deals on all sorts of kit, especially the hammocks, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Owner has 7 Harley's.... so, tell him you have a big bike and expect a discount... :)
    He's got hammocks with nets for 400 baht...
    BTS Saphan Kwai Exit 3

    note the Harley Only Parking sign...

  12. A great find Mike! Thanks for the review. Gotta get me a hammock!!! :happy1:
  13. Great stuff.. I am always up and around Saphan Kwai and never saw that shop before.

    Will take Rob up there to get his kit..

  14. Brian.
    Can you bring a hammock with the mosquito net for me too?
    Handover next time you come to KMK?
  15. Sure Oddvar.. No worries...
    Let me know when you are ready for a ride and will pick one up for you..
    The shop is one BTS stop from my place.

    Hope you are well and truly on the mend now :)

  16. Dropped in to this shop again today… Pick up Oddvars Hammock.

    While there couldn't resist some more gadgets.

    Before our recent CNX to BKK trip we stopped here to get Rob all kitted out for camping in the bush.
    Rob also picked up one of these water filters.. I like the idea for the bigger trips as much faster and quicker and easier than the life straw.
    You could easily refill your water and carry on.

    So this will be my choice for longer trips.. Store 3 in 1 coffee and others things inside the container when not in use.
    Lifestraw will be for single day events where you run out of water and need water when overheating.

    Cost 700 baht.. The replacement filters come in a pack of 2 for 700 baht.


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