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  1. Hi guys, Im planning a trip from Singapore to Sri Racha this coming Dec. The loose plan is to stay a night at Hatyai then on to Prachuap Khiri Khan or Hua Hin for another night. My only worry is getting to Sri Racha through Bangkok as i understand motorcycles are not allowed on some roads in Bangkok.

    My question is
    1.) What is the best route from HuaHin to Sri Racha?
    2.) Is there still a ferry service operating from HuaHin to Pattaya that can transport my bike?
    3.) Any nice places in between i can visit?

  2. Hi Soooong,

    Come up R4 from Hua Hin and turn right on R35 to Samut Sakhon. Eventually you will come to a very big junction with the BKK ring road (R9). Go straight ahead over the ring road and onto Rama II road towards Rama IX bridge.
    Filter left before the road starts going up to the bridge and turn right underneath it onto Suksawat road (R303).
    Go under another flyover going to another bridge.
    After approx 1km turn left to Bang Phueng (R3104).
    After approx 3+km you have to do right left turns to get to the river down small lanes. Ask someone for the "Merenam".
    Once you get to the river you will see the ferries.
    On the other side you go onto the road coming down from the bridge by turning right onto it. This is R 3113 to Samrong Nuea.
    Follow the road to the end, a 'T' junction. This is Sukhumvit Road.
    Turn right towards Chonburi and Sri Racha.

    Have a good trip.
  3. Thanks Dougal for your help. Just to confirm with you, is "Merenam" the pier that have ferry services to the other side? And after I get to sukhumvit road, is it better to continue down that road or go by Bang na trat road? I read somewhere the traffic is better there, is that road doable?
  4. Sooooong,

    Merenam means river.

    Yes you can take the Bang na Trad road. At the end of the 3113 at the "T" junction turn left and a couple of km brings you to it where you turn right.

    If you send a PM to me with your e-mail address I'll send 2 google overheads of the crossing to you showing all the road numbers.
  5. Alright, thanks for the help.
  6. A slightly different suggestion. Once you do the 'turn right underneath it onto Suksawat road (R303)' part, instead of taking the ferry, use the Bhumipol Bridge, also known as Saphan Wong Wan. Saves a huge amount of time over the ferry. Technically bikes shouldn't use this bridge but many do.
    Once you've turned right onto Suksawat, look for the sign turning left to Rama III or Pu Chao Saming. This will take you over the Bhumipol Bridge. Follow the sign to Pu Chao Saming. When you get to the lights at the t-junction, go right. You're now on Pu Chao Saming Rd. Go all the way to the end to the t-junction at Samrong and do a left. You're now on Sukhumvit Rd. Carry on about 5 clicks till you see the signs right for Chonburi. This is the BangNa intersection. Go right. You'll now be on the BangNa-Trat highway all the way to Sri Racha.
  7. Thanks rustic. Always better to have some alternatives. Hows the flooding at Bangkok now? I hope it all settles down soon, or I have to postpone the trip.
  8. Hi Sooooong,

    Have just ridden that route and the directions from Rustic are spot on for the bridge. Thanks Rustic.

    Flood problems will be over by then so go for it and have a good trip.

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