Small daytrip 16th September 09

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  1. I started off driving route 3 from Rayong towards Klaeng, then took off at 3142 and continued on 3320.
    The 3320 is a nice roads, with some hills and twisty bits and nice scenery, and there are a huge number of take offs from this road going around everywhere.

    This time I turned towards Brookside Valley, on the way up there were some nice hilly and twisty bits with no traffic.

    Then ride around Brookside and not in takes you on a pretty neat road with no traffic at all.
    Picture of Brookside Valley resort

    Some nice roads after Brookside Valley

    An interesting gravel road

    I ended up on this gravel road somehow

    A couple of logging trails I did not pursue with my supersport tires, but will re visit once I get my XR400

    The day trip was great, a light drizzle in the mountains but dry everywhere else. Enjoyed the scenery and had a great time.

    Cheers Bard
  2. Nice one Bard.

    There are some good roads around Rayong, you just have to work at it a bit and find them.
    Like the Capt said it does look a bit wet.

    Good on you for posting.
  3. Thanks guys, Yes there are some nice roads around Rayong, not obvious or easy to find but they're there. So living in the area it's good to have some nice ones to travel. Chantaburi is nicer, but for small daytrips Rayong is fine.

    Cheers Bard

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