SOLD Yamaha FZ1 2008. Excellent condition

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  1. So its that time again, time for me to sell another big bike - this time for the second time.
    My original July 2008 Yamaha FZ1. Original green book, owners manual and service book.
    This bike is in amazing condition for the 81,000km it has covered, during that time it has always been carefully maintained and has never broken down or been down in any accidents. Taxed until November 2013, compulsory and additional insurance until February 2014.
    The engine is as solid as a rock, now seems freer running than in early days, if treated well, it will easily do another 80K, before major internal work needed.
    Work done recently to bring the bike to it present excellent condition include:
    Replace front wheel bearings and seals
    Oil change, radiator coolant replaced
    Battery replaced
    Valve clearances checked by Yamaha and adjusted
    Air filter replaced
    Stripped swingarm, replaced wishbone bearings and seals. Rear wheel bearings greased and seals replaced.
    Fitted 4 new spark plugs.
    Chain in good condition, Rear sprocket in good condition, Front sprocket some wear, but serviceable for many km yet.
    Tyres, front Pirelli Diabolo Rosso, more than 50% life left.
    Rear Pirelli Diabolo Rosso Corsa, more than 75% life left
    Due to the excellent quality Yamaha produce the bike does not look its age and shows very little sign of wear.
    Extras include:
    Yoshimura SS slip on exhaust. Great sound and huge weight saving, baffle provided to make a bit quieter if desired.
    Yoshimura. [/URL
    Gold adjustable brake and clutch levers
    Tank protector
    The bike will be sold with the Yamaha gel comfort riders seat fitted as illustrated here:
    Frame and engine sliders
    Braided front brake lines
    Very neat tail tidy and LED rear indicators with correct flash rate
    I have recently tested the bike on a run to Chiang Khong and back and yesterday on the 118, 120, Phayao, 1, 1150, 1001 loop. It performed faultlessly as it always has done.
    Registered with Chiang Mai plate, the bike is in Chiang Mai.
  2. Now holding deposit pending viewing on Saturday 20th.
  3. Bike is now SOLD

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