Solo Ride Laos North to South

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  1. Hi

    Starting 2[sup]nd[/sup] week of Nov 2014 I am riding solo from Vientiane to Northern area for few days and then to Southern area for the rest of my visa validity – 30 days.
    I will be riding a Honda CRFL 250 hiring from Vientiane.

    Since I am riding solo and plan to stay back at few places I like as I go I don’t want to book any accommodation. I am not fussy about comfort so any sort of accommodation is ok.
    The questions are :-
    1, Will I be able to find accommodation just by riding to the town or village/remote area/tribal hills? Planning to stop riding by 4pm.
    2, Where to stay if I breakdown in the middle of nowhere?
    3, Should I take a sleeping bag or hammock and sleep outside if I can’t find local accommodation? And is it safe? Snakes? Tigers? Elephants? Cops?
    4, What are the chances of local allowing me to sleep at their place if I offer money?

    Appreciate your suggestions as I haven’t travelled solo before in SE Asia.


  2. Sorry Jes, no advice to give but would love to k ow hoe your trip is going as planning on doing soething similar in jan.

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