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    Last week wearrived withour bikes in Pak Beng coming from Houay Xay. The guethouse owner told us 1 foreighn biker died by accident on this raod 1 week ago. He didnt know more details. Riding alone with a enduro.

    For some days we meet a young Belgien biker in Moung Khoua in the morning. He arrived there late in the evening with a very very low 125 ccm Honda. He came from Vietnam. In his pocket 50 000 Kip left. Broken handlebar, broken light and something more. He looks very demaged same his bike. No helm, no boots no glooves - nothing. Thats a kind of next candidat.

    Yesterday our best trip in Laos. Nam Tan - Muang Sing - Xieng Kok - Xieng Dao ( thats great 32 km ) back Houang Xay 295 km Start 9.00 - 17.30.
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    Coming soon 2 wheels but I m on tour without my notebook.
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