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  1. Hi there,

    New to the forum though I've visited on and off over the years to read some interesting posts. I just wanted to share a mini-review and a couple of videos I made with a Sony Action Cam (HDR-AS15 -- which has since been updated with the HDR-AS30 and very recently as per another post, the HDR-AS100V, which looks really nice).

    Before purchasing the SAC I was really going back and forth between it and the GoPro3. I read a lot of online reviews and watched side by side video comparisons. I finally decided to go with the SAC, because even though most reviews pegged the GP3 as being the better overall camera, it appeared that to best take advantage of these capabilities required at least some or a lot of post-video editing, with good knowledge of such software -- something which I'm just too lazy/busy to get into; I wanted something that would produce good videos straight out of the camera and with minimal or no editing. The Sony's overall superior video stabilization feature was another key factor in this decision.

    Anyway, while there are better action cams now, and I'll probably update by next year, I've been quite happy with the SAC and its results -- it does indeed produce good quality videos straight out of the camera.

    It's not perfect though, its main flaws as I have experienced (and read of others likewise expressing) are:
    a) Depending on which mounting gear and case combinations you use, it's not easy to hook up an external mike during hardcore action usage -- which is the main reason why both of my vids below have music -- to hide the overbearing wind noise. Basically I need to experiment more with using an external mike placed so that it gets the nice TBR exhaust sound but minus the annoying wind noise.
    b) When used with the waterproof housing case (which you would ideally want to use so as to protect the lens), and on hot, sunny days, the housing will fog up quite quickly and ruin your videos. Sony makes some mini-fog pads, which do help, but on longer rides you can still get some fogging. Some recommend using the little silica gel packets used to preserver food etc., though I haven't tried these and don't know which work better. Not using the waterproof case means less protection and more wind noise.
    c) Not nearly as many mounting options and related gear compared to GP, though it's gotten better. One of the most useful accessories is the Skeleton mount, which offers flexibility in mounting and also easier access to the external mike jack at the bottom (though with lens unprotected). Whenever I walk into a shop I have to say I'm a bit jealous that GP has so many more gear/accessory options on display, while the SAC selection is comparatively small. GP also has a better 'community' associated with it, esp. via their 'Be a Hero' campaign/website.

    Overall though I have found SAC to be a very good cam and well worth the price (less than similar level GP’s). I really don't think the average Joe could go wrong with either this or any GoPro.

    As a side note I have personally found (on both motorcycle and MTB) a helmet cam mount to be best. I tried many different combinations of gear with handlebar mounts on several of my bikes and MTB, and the handlebar mounts were always shakier.

    So here's a couple of videos I took a couple of months ago to give you an idea of the SAC's capabilities. With both vids the only post-production editing (with Movie Maker) I did was to cut out segments to make it shorter, adding fade in/out between cut sections and adding music to cover the annoying wind noise.

    2011 Kawasaki ER-6N, 'Carbon Fiber-Rizoma Edition':

    1993 Honda AX-1 250: or for a better song.

    If Youtube plz make sure to click on HD 1080 setting if available on your device, it's a big difference. And of course the raw and semi-edited original videos were much better resolution than the youtube/vimeo posts; almost anytime you post via these mediums the quality is going to get squelched to some degree by their conversion/posting processes, even if you post it in 1080 HD and even if it's well under their MB limit.

    So please excuse the rather long post, esp. for my first, but hope you enjoy the vids; I'm not a pro but if any questions etc. I'm happy to answer as I can.
  2. Wow, awesome first post! Beautiful bike, excellent review, and fantastic vid! 5 stars! :thumbup:

  3. Hi Tony, thanks for the nice feedback! And just for any others' reference, Tony has been a big help in putting my ER-6N together: along with good advice & mechanical knowledge (which I'm sorely lacking in despite riding for about 35 years), I got all the carbon fiber kit, LED rear brake/signal light and rear sets via him, and arguably most important, the Juice Box Pro fuel controller he so kindly picked up for me during a visit back home to the States. The properly mapped JBP, along with the TBR M2 Titanium exhaust, Devil stainless steel headers and DNA air filter means this bike goes as good as she looks. Galfer brake lines/pads, ASV shorty levers, Brembo master brake cylinder and Rizoma front brake reservoir pull her up real quick; I had the ABS disconnected because I couldn't back her into corners or u-turns with it on, obviously given its 'budget bike' classification we're not talking about a super fancy/smart ABS package.

    I also blame Tony for the bike's little Rizoma addiction (mirrors, grips, handlebar & risers, gas cap, oil cap, brake reservoir & tapered bar ends). I asked him to recommend some after-market mirrors and he sent me pix of several, incl. some Rizoma and it was love at first sight -- awesomely engineered kit, esp. love the Elisse mirrors, they're totally vibration free even at high revs/speed.

    Anyway, Long Live TonyBKK, he's helped a lot of bikers and his enthusiasm for the sport/lifestyle is contagious.

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