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  1. All forums have a constant fight against SPAM posts, GT-Rider is no exception...

    Admin try to get in there and delete them as soon as possible...

    Unfortunately I am in a different timezone to Thailand, so I try to get to them before any of you b#^tards wake up :lol: ...

    Most of them are posted by programs (bots) not people, so posting abuse back doesn't help... The original poster doesn't come back to check if there are replies... I usually search by unanswered posts, so posting back means it can be a bit harder to find them...

    If you are legitimately trying to sell an iPhone, maybe write something in the title so I don't delete it while I am wielding the big stick...

  2. Daewoo

    I have noticed that as well and i have to say as i'm hanging all day long in GT pages when im home and even when at work i will check pages in several times, as my work is kind of free, spamm comes but luckily you guys are top of it and it will not lasting long time in the pages, good jobs.
  3. Tonykiwi,

    I noticed you posted a reply to a SPAM post last night. In answer to your question, please see above.

  4. Tonykiwi
    The spammers get right up my nose too mate. I / we try to delete them as soon as possible & normally they are not around for more than a few hours.
    All of them take the time to register & they only seem to pop up on the weekends - someone is picking up pocket money for spamming?
    Have a nice weekend now. The rugby is on in a few hours isn't it :)
  5. Sure is, half time right now and enjoying a fine malt whisky and a great match. I'll not make a spoiler of this post

  6. what was the score.. i missed it...
    just got in from work

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