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  1. Utaradit Super Cross


    Well the OTRT crew and co set off for the distant location in Utaradit for the one-day event held in April.


    Getting up early may be our thing but a 5 o’clock in the morning start was really busting some sleep-time. Nevertheless we all assembled and were on the road for 0530 hrs.

    Getting to the venue wasn’t easy, the Thai support crew really led the way and, being veterans of the motorsport scene knew exactly whereabouts it was.


    Our early start proved wise, the actual racing didn’t begin until mid-day but it meant we had the best land to set-up the bikes and gear. We even had time to walk the track itself and get a feel for the areas.


    The fire-service was on hand for cooling down the track and preventing dust-clouds blinding everyone. This was more of an art than a science though as certain areas became a near quagmire if a touch too much water was used.


    Once that was done it was time for some warm-up riding on the track itself.

    All that glitters


    The entertainment wasn’t that great, no coyotes or dancing going on. The trophy girls sittin’ pretty and flitting about with paperwork were about the extent of the glamour going on.


    A quirky commentator made up for it though by narrating the days events, races and so on. He even spun a few yarns about his mis-adventures with mia noi’s and getting caught out by the mia yai and so on!
    Being farangs we were wide open for some good natured piss-taking.
    But that’s just the way it goes. Novelty humour just doing it’s thing I guess.

    Some rough and tumble armour!


    These gomps wanted me to join them for a pre-race whiskey session!
    We had some Leo’s in the booze armoury though so I took a mai ow on that one...


    The Honda CRF 250 ready to rock and roll.


    Haven’t got a hat? No problem, just make one out of a whiskey box!


    Watch Rider nearly had a close encounter with this gomp when he over-ran the burn slightly and mounted it! Better luck next time blue rider!



    Gettin’ a bit dirty out there...



    The young dude taking 1st on the podium is Boi our sponsored rider. He’s up-and-coming and a brilliant super cross rider.


    Small bikes can groove supercross too, just make sure they’ve a bracer otherwise it might collapse in on itself!


    On your marks...


    The final race was dominated by the current champion and Boi hot on his heels. Boi came 2nd but didn’t make it easy for the winner.
    It was a close-run thing for the first 4-5 laps, with Boi harrying and neck and neck to the leader. But the champion held his nerve and managed to pull away, extending the lead while Boi, already injured from an earlier fall, fell back a bit.
    The result, 1st to the current champion and 2nd to Boi.


    Video Coming Soon...

    Source: On The Road Thailand: ... uradit.htm
  2. Nice report and great pics. but you really need to DOWNSIZE the photos before posting. It takes forever to load at this size and is not really necessary.
  3. Great report thanks for posting.

    Coming from America I always love spending time checking out the scooters modified for racing. A great perspective if you're on a five year old bike, and feel you need the latest and greatest bike to get the job done well. Then have a Thai gent on his clapped out scooter, with welded frame support trying to stuff you on the corners :lol: .
  4. Just for you Silverado I'll bump the pics down to 800 x 600 next time.

    It really shouldn't take that long if you've got an IDSN connection though :)

    Ok folks as promised, here's the video:

    Hope you enjoy, I know I did :D
  5. Thanks Max, I appreciate that. But it is not just for me. There are no ISDN connections in Thailand, unless you mean ADSL. In which case, the ADSL is known to totally suck in mostplaces. A number of areas still only have dial up connections. Davidfl and myself request many times to limit the photo sizes so everyone can enjoy (usually less than 640x480).

    As for video, I usually have to wait for it to comletely stream/load and then watch it on replay or else it is a long stop and start process, and just not me; read any Thailand forums and you will see all the complaints about the poor ADSL). Nothing you can do about that though.

    I did watch your video, great job. I like the background music you chose. Keep them coming, it's worth the wait. :wink:

    Appreciate your efforts. :D
  6. That is so true and that is the main reasson when im posting pictures they usually area 640x640 even then when post has large ammount of pictures, it will take time and i have ADSL 4Meg line in home.

    Great vdo thou
    just to let you know that 6.24min vdo took me 6minuted to download, as i dont like to vdo to stop and continue every few sec,, thats how lines are here...sometimes good,most of the time, not so good :wink:
  7. Thanks for your comments dudes!
    There's nothing worse than putting the time in on these videos I make for tumbleweed to go on by. Believe me I know all about that from the TV crowd. But that's another story ;)

    I like to wait out for the video's to download if I'm watching something on youtube as well. Can't stand the stop-start either.

    I'm based in Chonburi, not far from the wild riders of Thailand! :)

    Previously based in Kamphaeng Pet which is where all the funky offroad stuff often happens from.

    I left there as the season had finished. Some Enduro is planned for the 5th of May. Nothing big or fancy like this, but I'm motorsported out for this expedition to Thailand.

    There is some contraversial 'bonus' footage planned from this days racing from an event that took place nearby. But it's not ready yet.

    In the meantime the footage of the next event is now ready :) ... t5681.html
  8. Bonus Footage complete:

    Not for the faint-hearted...

  9. They probably objected to the filming because as I understand it, it's an illegal activity. But, with the number of venues and such, you know the BIB is there partaking. I have never seen it and your video is probably as close as I want to. Plenty of family are into it though.

    I also appreciate your coverage of the MX races and the time involved in the video processing. I do the same (video work) with my desert adventures and a little bit of riding about LOS. Good work brother!
  10. Why it would be illegal??
  11. Many things are illegal here, like "home grown" lotteries, gambling houses, prostitution, working elephants in BKK, any good time where the BIB is not invited, politicians who actually care about the people and not themselves (global issue there), etc... I don't know why, could be no tax income, license issues, who knows; these things are illegal but they happen all of the time.

    The locals probably got nervous because they did not know the people with the camera and thought the worst, some nasty western enviro-nazi group out to get them.
  12. Really :shock: , i didnt know that thailand has any illegal activities,, so that means thailand is no different from rest of the world??? :wink:

    but honestly,, as far i asked from my mechanic, whos sone is riding on thai national moto cross team, they are not considered as Ilegal, normal sport activities like footbal matches and stuff, but maybe in youur area that is illegal,here in Ubon is not, but like so many thing's in here in some part thay are and some part they are not.

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