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supermoto round 2 at nakhon

Discussion in 'Upcoming Events - S.E. Asia' started by shanes, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. well it was an ok turn out
    lots of talking shit while waiting around
    the aprilias looked great as always

    there was also some pics in two wheels from round one

    good to see everyone there and nice to meet you boys from up north making the effort o come down :D :D :D

    see you at the next round
  2. Shane,

    Great to come down and witness the action, hook up with old faces and meet some great people.

    Fettling on the KTM now for the next event.
  3. It was a hot day at the track and the Thai organisation seemed to be following that great military maxxim: Rush to Wait

    Here are some pix from the practice session


    The qualification was scheduled for race day but had been run the day before
    meaning riders like Shane & his team were automatically put at the rear of the grid.

    It wasn't until mid-afternoon and after a whole day waiting, that the riders were allowed out for a practice run.
    The actual race was in the early evening.


    Luke gets into the corner

    And shows a clean pair of heels exiting fast
    Matt Patterson coming up fast on Minot

    Matt Peterson turning in ahead of teammate Aaron Ray

    Chukkit the eventual race winner having passed Minot in the corner.

    Shane muscling the Aprilia around the turn

    Colin Robin taking it a little easier

    Minot on road tyres - the course is 50/50 track & dirt

    Aaron Ray catching Ryan Brown

    Ryan Brown battling in front of Colin Robin

    Chukkit showing his unique early cornering style

    sideways and very early

    Finally ... the corner

    Shane only went out for a couple of laps before coming in

    Shane discussing racing lines with Luke.

    B&T mulling over the trophies.

    Next race at Nakhorn is 18/19 May
  4. great pics :D :D :D thanks for posting
  5. Shanes you Must Have Some BRO ( Maori ) Ancestors judging By your Tribal Tattooing :wink: Great Ridding By all the Guys, Wish i could Slide a Bike like that on Dirt Let alone Tar-seal :shock: Well done.
  6. i grew up in NZ as a kid then always worked with kiwis in aus i guess it rubbed off :D :D it goes all the way to my ankle but only on my left side :shock: :shock: :shock:
  7. Pretty Impressive Stuff there Shanes 8) In Our Part of the World Tattoos are Common Place but in other Parts I Bet You get some Looks :shock:

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