Taking the unforeseeable and yet perfect shot

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  1. Conceptually, I am sold, I must have this camera, the best shots are always the ones that you just missed. To turn fortuitousness into system has been my dream since long.
    Can you see equal potential, e.g. for your riding photos?

    The intelligent' wearable camera uses an array of built-in sensors to take pictures automatically triggered by changes in its environment. It uses a semi-fisheye lens with a 136° angle of view in front of a 5MP backlit-CMOS sensor, and the shutter is triggered at key moments based on input from GPS, acceleration, direction, temperature, proximity and light sensors. The company thinks it should appeal to anyone interested in recording an event without having to operate a camera, or as an additional tool for documentary photographers. Images are stored in internal memory, and can be transferred to a smartphone using Bluetooth for viewing; alternatively they can be compiled into movies using the supplied software.#

  2. Well keep us posted if You get one Pico? Interesting Idea! I have seen so Many wonderful sights but never take the Time to stop and take a Photo! They are in My Memory but never able to be Shared! Shame really as there are some Beautiful things to be seen! Good Luck.

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