Tay trang border crossing ( NE of vietnam) possible ?

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  1. hello , actualy i riding my awesome honda win in vietnam ( i started in HCM an going to the north )

    my question is , if it still possible to cross the border with the bike ??? ( tay trang border ( close to sapa ) , in vietnam to laos )

    because i met a guy and told me , something change : the government want stop the people to go and leave the country with vietnames bikes ...

    may be with money under the table it should be good ...

    after i don't know if it true or wrong ,

    thats why , i ask , if somebody did that recently ...

    cheers mates
  2. Sorry for having unclear information related to your question.
    However, early of this May, some friends of mine (Vietnamese) have crossed Tay Trang border with their big bikes and they said that border officers there quite nice and they let them thru without any fee.
  3. VH, welcome back; have missed your input recently.A response on this occasion with nothing further to add to the thread other than 'love the new profile image' - am following events closely even from far away Bora Bora. Cheers mate.

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