Thailand -cambodia-laos Trip

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  1. Hey guys, I would like to take my Honda dream into Cambodia than drive into Laos and exit again to Thailand - I did drive to Laos already out and in a couple of times - but how about Cambodia is it similar? And can I go from Cambodia to Laos or do I have to exit Cambodia and enter Laos ?
  2. I did it a year ago on my v-strom. It can be done from Cambodia to Laos. I have heard that people have had trouble with Thai bikes going th other way (maybe not with scooters). They will ask for $1 at both sides of the border to get a stamp in your passport. The Cambodia customs may ask for you Cambodian customs papers when you leave - just act like you don't know. Getting back into Thailand you can only cross the bridges at Vintienne and Chiang Kong.

    Given that this is S.E. Asia, it could have all changed.

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  3. Thanks for helping out with the info.
  4. I have heard/read that Laos are now enforcing the 250 cc law - which mean they wont let in bikes less than 250 cc to their country...

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