Thank You BARCELONA MOTOR Bangkok for your good aftersale service and fair attitude,

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  1. Dear Friends,

    Through this post, I would like to thanks and to bring to your knowledge the very fair attitude of Barcelona Motor in Bangkok and their staff for the after sale service they proceed on my bike.

    As told, in previous post, I own a BMW 1200 GSA purchased, brand new, in June 2009 at the Official Authorized dealer -Barcelona Motor Co., Ltd- that I use twice a year, about 2 month in summer and 2 weeks at X'mas, in between this bike is stored in good condition with an Optimate "intelligent battery charger" plugged in. Today the bike has some 4500 Km on the clock.

    Arriving early June, I had to deplore that the battery despites the care maintenace with the Optimate intelligent battery charger was dead (only after 2 years !!!), thus I went to Barcelona and purchase a brand new battery, not asking for any

    After having fixed the new battery and started the bike again, I had to deplore successively that the fuel sensor was not working and few km further that the tire sensor was, as well, not woking ... Too much was too much, thus I decided to bring back the bike to Barcelona.

    At the arrival there I was welcomed by their after sale contadct "Nay" who told me that the bike was out of guarantee but at the meantime I would benefit from a general BMW recall on "ABS pump", free of charge, I kindly explained him that the bike had only 4500 Km on the clock and was correctly maintained.

    The guy then advised me to write him a mail with a copy to his boss in order to explain my concern and have some argument to explain to BMW Thailand, that i did.

    Thus when I went back to the garage to pick up my bike, "Nay" gave me the key, told me that they agree to take it under warrantee for the full service and changed:

    -The ABS pump (general recall from BMW World)
    -The fuel sensor
    -the tire pressure sensor

    Bike was returned washed and with a general inspection, that's what I called "Service" !

    I should say that I was very satisfy and highly appreciated this behaviour which is typical of fair dealer. thanks again Barcelona Motor, thanks "Nay" and his boss, it conforts me to have bought my bike their.

    Such attitude has to be known as too much post are negative about the poor service encounter in LOS, with such example I don't share this, especially using well established companies and not the "zigouigoui" at the corner.

    I think as well this must be highlighted and reward !

    Bravo and thanks and please keep the same attitude for long !
  2. Great to Hear Azoulay. Hope they continue looking after Yourself and all Customers! I would be Keen on the New Model G650GS, Great little Bike for the North and other Surrounding countries!
  3. Hi Ian, Hi Friends,

    Yes definitively, looking as well for a lighter off-road bike, the 650 and 800 GS did attract me a lot and a riding test was nicely proposed to me by their Sales Manager.
    For the time being and considering the growth of KTM in Thailand, I am still hesitating.

    But again, I was very positively satisfy about Barcelona and If I have to buy a bike the could distribute I will buy it to them with no hesitation.
  4. Hi Captain, Hi Friends,

    During my last stay in LOS, from June to this begining September, and despites my opinion on the "Big Bikes" market in Thailand, I should say that I had the chance to only have good surprise from all bike dealers I met.

    I am happy about that and it conforts me in the idea that things are changing in Thailand and maybe the market becomes (very slowly) mature....

    Big Bikes up to now have been reserved to a small "elite" of rich Thai people and few foreigners (like us), not only really to true bikers as could be the bike drivers in Europe or US.

    Keep the power on .
  5. Good to read a positive story but I must say in general I have received good service in Thailand re; cars, bikes, house building and buying stuff. I approach each situation same as back in Australia - just do a bit of homework first then decide where to buy or repair and so far I have been very happy.

    Cheers Ken F

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