The 20 Most Beautiful Temples In Thailand

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    I was at Wat Pratad Inkwaen (Golden rock temple) in Phrae and saw this listing of the 20 most Soo-ay temples in the land. I don't know who generated the list, but I realised that I've visited just 4 of them, so lots more to visit. Apologies for the poor photography, laminated sheets with reflections, I find tricky...

    2017-07-07 11.24.31.

    2017-07-07 11.24.39.

    1. Wat ChalermPrakiat, Lampang 2. Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai
    2017-07-07 11.26.25.

    3. Wat Huay Plakang, Chiang Rai 4. Wat BahnDen, Chiang Mai
    2017-07-07 11.26.37.

    5. Wat PrasornKaew, Petchabun 6. Wat Pratad Inkwaen, Phrae
    2017-07-07 11.27.09.

    7. Wat Pratad SuthornMongkonsiri, Phrae 8. Wat Pratad KhaoNoi, Nan
    2017-07-07 11.27.43.

    9. Wat Khiriwong, Nakhon Sawan 10. Wat PaKhung, Roi Et
    2017-07-07 11.27.57.

    11. Wat PhaSawangbun, Saraburi 12. Wat ThamSur, Kanchanaburi
    2017-07-07 11.28.13.

    13. Wat ThamPhuWha, Kanchanaburi 14. Wat KhaoRoopChang, Pichit
    2017-07-07 11.28.27.

    15. Wat ThaSung, Uthai Thani 16. Wat Muang, Ang Thong
    2017-07-07 11.28.46.

    17. Wat SungKradai, Ang Thong 18. Wat Mahathat, Ayudthaya,
    2017-07-07 11.29.04.

    19. Wat PhorRongAhgaht, Chanchoengsao 20. Wat Khoi, Phetburi
    2017-07-07 11.29.21.

    Wat Pratad InKwaen in Phrae, is No.6 on the list.
    2017-07-06 14.22.46. 2017-07-07 11.10.28. 2017-07-07 11.14.19. 2017-07-07 11.16.43. 2017-07-07 11.16.59. 2017-07-07 11.18.10. 2017-07-07 11.22.18.
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  3. Goran Phuket

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    Ian, if you don't mind me pointing out:

    Number 15 and 16 are in fact 17 and 18.

    Here is Wat Tha Sung, Uthai Thani

    wat tha sungps.

    and Wat Muang, Ang Thong


  4. ianyonok

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    Hi Goran,

    Thank you very much for that matey. While writing the post, I had made the mistake and corrected it, but the forum said multiple threads and deleted one. I hadn't noticed the updated one was deleted. It is now corrected.. I think...

    Wow, beautiful photos from you, Thanks. Those 2 temples look quite spectacular.

    Although, I love the old temples, personally. Wat SungKradai in Ang Thong looks wonderful, maybe I will get to see it one day. Looks like it is oozing history. I saw your photos from your visit there. Wonderful indeed.

    There must be hundreds of other temples too, that could be in a top 20 list. Seem to be so many beautiful ones around. Some are wonderful due to location, simplicity or age. I thought the above list was nearly all new or flashy temples
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