The Fortune Teller ( just for fun)


Oct 14, 2005
An Amazing life

I have time at the moment to reflect over past events. What Thailand has brought to me? The trials and the joys alike, things can change so quickly in life a definite roller coaster.

The wife and I were having problems with arguing, to a point at time she wished me dead, serious stuff. But normal for someone together as much as we are and coming from conflicting cultures. I had become so unhappy I was really questioning staying.

But on the day of the bike accident and I was laid out on the ground my first thought wasn’t of me it was of her, where were he and was she OK. I think that pretty much answers the question of am I on the right relationship.

Life is so funny here, before the accident she had went a fortune teller, who told her to beware of accidents. One of the other riders told me that his wife had told him of a dream that she saw an accident and asked him to be careful. He almost went home until I reminded him that the accident was done an he had a free pass for the day LOL

The thing that caused the greatest injury was device install as safety equipment failed, actually caused injury and not stopping it.

Well did my wife think about the fortune teller you bet. Now she wanted to get serious about it wanted my birth day I’m not talking about the date I mean the day of the week I have never known that before last night. Just searched for a Calendar in my birth year in 20 seconds I knew. What would have it taken to find that out two decades ago. World is a very different place these days.

So off she goes and spends the 45 baht ($1.75) worth peace of mind for her you bet.

Lady tells her about the injuries o my right side back problems ECT. Accurate stuff wife swears she didn’t tell her. But if you’re talented with enough probing and watching expressions you can find what you need in peoples reactions.

The there was talk of future money she told the wife two things were pending. Wife determined that to be Social Security I have had a claim in for five years now. Lady said it would be a long time. Well Social security age 62 is due in March hope that happens on schedule but one thing I have learned is not to count on that system to work properly especially when you’re in a foreign country. The original one at least a couple of years to go. So an accurate prediction.

Said to be cautious of accidents, anyone be out on the road lately can’t miss with that one LOL

Told he wife she wanted a new car and questioned her why. Wife’s answer a small one would easier to drive. Fortune teller why didn’t you think of that before you bought this one. Now I’m really beginning to like this lady.

The Fortune teller told her I wanted to buy a new bike that when I did my wife would be angry inside. The fortune teller told it was OK that I bought a new bike. Yep, this is a good lady. Problem I will always want a new bike no matter what I have, Big Boys Big Toys. So I will be riding this one for awhile.

Told the wife I had a plan for a bigger house and a farm, that was easy I always have plans never do anything with them, but hope is nice to have floating around is it not?

Told here I was serious with money, heck who in the world wouldn’t be in today’s world.

I’ve been poor in my life I didn’t like it. I’m not rich but I have enough for which I worked very hard for and am very grateful for a well.

Anyway she went to Buddha asked for help. Make my body feel better and my life calm.

So was it worth a buck seventy five was to me.

Now before any when gets to far into this understand our keeper of three years, lives in the same village as the Fortune Teller I’m sure we are a part of the village gossip LOL

Was figuring out my dilemma with the wife worth the accident, that’s a tough way to learn I know now don’t need it again. I don’t think we have never been closer.

Have an amazing life and I’m grateful for it.

Now here is a question in life that I can't answer

What is it about us nutbuckets and motorcycles?

Here I am can still hardly walk form the accident Friday it's Tuesday and I want to go riding so bad I can taste it.?

Hey i could stop it with the front brake, nothing wrong with the left leg. :lol: