The Longest Way

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  1. Here is a video I stumbled across on YouTube, that I thought was pretty good. Not about motorcycling, but still about Asian travel. I love the sense of loneliness in the video, and of the passage of time. A great video for the explorer in all of us.

    Watch the HiDef version, it's much better.

  2. And if you liked that, watch these Matt Harding videos in order:

    Matt Harding was a video game designer that felt the call of the open road, so he quit his job and with only $2000 set out to see the world. And saw it he did. He posted videos online for his family so they would know where he was, and became one of those YouTube celebrities when other people stumbled on his videos.
  3. my internet connection is too slow, to watch these, will do when I get the chance.

    But that brings my to my favor I want to ask=

    I'm looking for a good video DVD which shows the beauty of the area/roads here up North, not an exclusive bike video but something which may see it all through my eyes.

    I'll be glad to pay for it.
    Utube is ok too, if quality is very good


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