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  1. February 92 & 3 weddings on one day in day Pha Daeng, east of Chiang Dao.




    the reason for the weddings - a third of the men had been arrested to trespassing in the forest & were in jail.
    It was unclear how long they would be in jail for.
    So there was an urgent need for more young men in the village to help farming & looking after families.
    3 young men (boys of 16+) were brought in from west of Fang - Nor Lae, to marry into the village.
    I was fortunate enough to get invited to the triple weddings.
    Thank you to the Palong of Pha Daeng.
    This was another unique experience.



  2. But who are the Palong?

    The Palong are a tribe who came from Burma only in the early 1980s, fleeing the conflict between Khun Sa's army & the Burmese army.
    In the conflict several villages - a whole valley - were supposedly completely massacred for refusing to get involved & be porters for one of the sides.

    Today there are only a few Palong villages in North Thailand, with most of them west of Fang.

    Nor Lae is the biggest

    Nor Lae 1994

    Nor Lae 2001

    followed by Huay Mak Liam; Suan Cha is another near Fang, then east of Chiang Dao there are maybe 3 villages.

    The Chiang Dao villages have had a particularly hard time, suffering arrest & persecution from government authorities trying to move them out & take their land in the 1990s.
    Their area is relative stable now & is a popular trekking / day trip destination from Chiang Mai.
    I was fortunate enough to witness a triple wedding there in Feb 1992.



    Some notes Ive turned up
    You can read more about the troubles at Pha Daeng here

    I hope some of you enjoyed a bit of history. Sometimes it makes the ride more interesting.
  3. Amazing report. Thank you.
  4. Great Stuff David, And Such a Story so Recent in History. What an Amazing part of the World We live in!
  5. With the Palong at Doi Ang Khang royal project.


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