The Tax man cometh

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  1. I leaving the Bangkok Bank yesterday on the bike in the rain, a Thai guy on a small bike pulls up next to me tells me in Thai to stop. No I don't think so just kept riding, matter fact sped up just a bit. I hear Poi say to him in Thai post office, which is where we are going.

    I ask Poi who is he she says he says he is the tax man, no I definetley don't stop for tax men. His only thing that looked like a uniform was a blue jacket with some sort silk screening on it.

    So follows me into the post office, I was going there anyway and by this time we were both soaked, seemed fair to me. So since I know what this about I to pull out the copies of my book. At which time he informs me that I have to carrying the original. I told him plat out I'm not doing that someone might steal it.

    He again explains to me that he is the tax man, shows me no ID whatsoever. My response mai Pben Lai mee nongsur. with that he sakes my hand and leaves.

    So I have to say the reports of them being active in Udon is real. :take-that:
  2. 'My response 'mai Pben Lai mee nongsur'

    A little help with the language...what does nongsur mean?
    Couldn't find a definition in the dictionary or online.

    No taxmen stalking in Pattaya, just other blatant scams ;-)
  3. Mai Pbem Rai mee nongsur

    No problem I have a book.
  4. Ah, okay...I now understand..just one of the many different ways we farangs speak the baffling language of Thai :crazy:
    book is 'nang seuu'...rising tones

  5. Yep the tax guy got the picture :take-that:
  6. Hi Friends,

    Thnaks for the report but sorry I don't catch it what it is about ? Tax Man ? what a hell with this new story ?

    Understand Ray23's saying copies of documents are not recognised but like him I prefer to keep the original in safe place and carry only the copy, that's a private choice which may increase the discussion time with Authorities but generally they kindly understand it.

    Now for your Taax Man story I don't understand it, please develop !
  7. He was after import duties, if in fact he was an agent. No uniform didn't show any identification

    They have been specifically going after big bikes in Udon for three weeks now. Going around neighborhoods, see a bike parked they wait the rider to come out and block him in. One guy that got nailed has a 22 year old bike, they set the value at 400K.

    I haven't heard of this going on anywhere except Udon
  8. Hi Friends,

    Thanks Ray23 for this explanation, maybe an Udon speciality ??? Who knows, luckily I am not so often around there but anyway all bikes are registred.

    Sometimes I think LOS does become a bt too serious and equal to our undfriendly countries.
  9. Most be Udon's turn. Not worried my bike is legal. I think they may be going a bit far chasing people down on the streets. Seven guys blocking a rider in with three cars as he comes out from shopping. They may be getting a bit frustrated, there are a lot of foreigners here, but of that only small percentage are riders.

    It will be a cold day in hell before I pay somebody, who doesn't have proper identification. Local cops just arrested a guy here in Udon who was playing Policeman with a uniform on and that's not the first time. :take-that:
  10. This is posted from Udonmap with permission

    Is Udon the only place experiencing this?

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    Re: The tax man cometh

    Postby panick » June 8, 2010, 1:32 am
    Just in case anyone is interested ..... This was June 01st

    Panick on UT

    Got stopped ( prob by the same man ) Tues.
    He wanted to come and see my import papers at the house? BIG NO!!!!!
    Exchanged numbers so he phoned the next day, said if I can't show that the Import Tax had been paid the bill would be ?11,000 and I would get a free green book .... Told him wifey has taken the papers to work and wants to meet him in person where he works! ( a hunch that something might be amiss? )
    Several phonecalls later and he still won't meet her at the office, would only meet outside!!!!
    Wifey went down to the office and inquired about this man and how much the tax is......
    They said they don't know who this man is
    The tax is ?10,300 ( bit cheaper )
    No free green book ( knew that already! )
    I have an appointment with them on Monday so will post more when I know what is to happen
    Wifey told the man ( who stopped me ) that we are going to the office to sort it out ... His answer .... If I see your husband again on his chopper he's going to have a BIG problem!

    Now to June 08th ......

    Panick on UT

    Went down the tax office today and showed all my paperwork, bike came into Thailand in parts and have docs to prove showing frame and engine No.
    Luckily they were well happy with this and worked the tax out at ?10,469.60 10K I'm well happy BUT .. if they see the bike on the road in the mean time I can expect a ?30,000 fine!
    If you have any paperwork showing it came in as parts ... this is the sort of tax bill they will give you
    If you have NO PAPERWORK .... expect anything from 20% to 200% tax import tax on the bikes value as stipulated through ( I think ) Greens guide of M'Cycles ( U.S.A )
    Also ... they will impound any M/C found parked on the street with no No. plate and you'll have 7 days to pay up to a ?30,000 fine ( or prove that the import tax has been paid )or lose the M/C
    To pay the import tax you have to go through an approved M/c dealer ( they have a list ) who has to submit the paperwork for the vehicle, including rubbings of the frame and engine number and photos of both sides of the bike to prove its identity ( Fair play ... I used to be a VOSA approved station and they'd believe anything I told them! )
    Cost? ....
    Thai .... ?2000
    Farang ...?4000
    No probs ... when I bought the bike the invoice went in my wifes name ( doesn't everything ) so the government told me to have the whole thing done thru her to save money ... cos ... she can always sell me the bike afterwards ( on paper ) and the tax has been paid!
    Tell you a bit more as it progresses
    If you've got a bike with NO TAX PAPERWORK ( that includes just an invoice from the bike shop )
    BEWARE!!!! There is a man going around checking!!!!

    Look out guys!! :shock:
  11. I appreciate the information posted by you guys, but I am still slightly confused. Is the man Ray met who will not show you his ID or a card an actual employee of the Customs and Excise dept, who is trying to make money on the side, or is he a complete fraud, who will take your money and give you nothing. If so the man going round checking bikes is presumably someone else???
  12. That is a good question the Tax guys are working in Udon. However, two of us have experienced what seems to be a fraud. With no connection to the Government.

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