The top 10 Apps for travelling overland and abroad


Jan 31, 2013
Here are my favorite top 10 list of apps for travelling overland abroad.

Some of these apps are very useful because they offer access also while offline, others are helpful because they give you more out of a bad internet connection, or to stay in contact with your family and friends.

Like a Wifi-Scanner who shows you where you can get internet access, or an app who compress any internet traffic.

I`m pretty shure that there are apps on this list you didnt know or functions of known apps who are new to you.


Since I currently mostly use iOS devices (iPad, iPhone), this top list is done for these iOS based devides. But you should be able to find similar functionality too on Android or Windows based phones or tablets.

Here is the article:

4x4tripping: The 10 most important apps for Overlanders

Since it is expensive to try out many apps arround travelling, i think these lists are helpful for other travellers.

So if you think that you know an App who should be named there too- please write a comment or post here your suggestions.