This is a nasty Ducati

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  1. The Cops have Good Taste then Jerry!
  2. At least it is marked.

    There is also an undercover copper on an all black fireblade, yoshi pipe, tinted screen etc. Riders have been caught after seeing him as another rider and having a bit of fun.

    Tough job, full World class training then off to work to ride around a superbike most of the day.
  3. Better get this right lest I be chastised by those who think they can walk on water..... A friend of mine is a police pursuit motorcycle rider trainer. Last time I spoke to him, they had a group of un-marked Honda Blackbirds though these bikes will probably have been updated by now. After their training, a team would be out and about waiting to be called into service. For instance, should there have been a robbery or similar, it was their job to track and, with their training, road knowledge and the bike's speed, to get in front of whatever vehicle(s) were being chased to advise the marked police vehicles as to which route to take etc. Their job was ' not to be seen '. As CBR250 wrote, not all motorcyclists are what they appear to be.
  4. Sussex ,Surrey and kent police have some unmarked Fireblades and GSXR 1000s and a couple of Triumph 675s that they share ...
  5. That's one fugly bike. The 899 Panigale behind is a beauty though!

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