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  1. Britbikes launched the new Tiger Explorer 1215cc 1,100,000THB bike at the Impact Arena on Saturday last
    at the Bangkok Super Car and Import Car Show.


    The fact that BritBikes and KTM and Ducati were there midst the Lambos, AMGs Ferraris et al shows that the growth in the “Thai biking experience” is specifically aimed as a “lifestyle choice” for the Thai wealthy. Not really for the serious biker, who knows what he wants and expects value and brand performance, especially when it comes to servicing.

    Next to the Triumph stand was an importer with a red car and a prancing popsie.


    SWMBO took to the show like the proverbial duck, and before you could say “Paragon Tractor”, had unleashed the formidable Thai enhanced interrogation technique upon the clearly clueless Range Rover salesman -who had far too much gel and pointy shoes for my liking- who made a similarly poor impression in my view as the “cut’n’shunt”, Evoque.
    “Only four-and-a-half million. Good, No???”
    Bless her. GRRRR!

    The five Explorers imported have already been sold by the end of the show, with five more coming in September – one of which has already been spoken for. So get your order in soon if you are really interested.
    I was told there is to be a demo bike available at RCA this week – though that may have been sold considering the response.

    One can see that Triumph have clearly identified market leading BMW’s R1200GS as their target and to some extent appear to have back engineered it. Maybe that’s being a bit harsh, but all the reviews I have read appear to be impressed by Hinkley’s efforts with the Explorer’s bags of torque and much more grunt than the now rather long-in-the-tooth GS.

    When the dust has settled and comparison reviews have come in I will have to take a look at the Explorer, as my Bavarian barge is now showing its age. Also, Triumph have upped their game by having two very good mechanics in Bangkok and I am told by Ian, Tuk in Chiang Mai is doing a great job. This bike & Triumph could really take BMW and Barcelona on providing BritBike maintain their service standards and oversee their roll-out. Udon and Khon-Kaen are next on the list apparently.

    But back to the evening where Britbike’s had laid on a buffet for their growing -almost entirely Thai- faithful.

    K Dom and K Asawin rightfully proud of the unveiling of three new models
    hidden resplendently beneath Union flags.
    Things have come a long way since they first opened in RCA in 2007.

    TV Gal getting stuck in amongst the Trumpets

    “Now listen here chook, these bikes from Ingret are number one….”

    The 2012 Tiger 1050 has not changed.

    Ian had asked me to check it out – gratuitously.
    Was told to expect big changes for next year.

    Whilst waiting for the unveil was a difficult time,
    having to look at the Rocket III again.

    DJ Varot Pitakanonda (Por), himself a Triumph Thunderbird rider,
    worked the crowd into a mildly wild frenzy.


    The new Speed Triple R took centre stage

    Trick forged PVM wheels, rock solid Ohlins suspension, Brembo calipers and Supercorsa SP rubber
    among other parts put this ST at 970,000THB, a mere 100K more than the standard Speed Triple.

    But it was the Tiger Explorer that clearly everybody came to see


    K. Dom listing the Explorer’s attributes

    – the new ride-by-wire controls,
    larger capacity stator, single-sided swing-arm, 135bhp etc.

    Nearby a brace of gals, happily beaming in red.


    The 110[sup]th[/sup] anniversary Bonneville 770,000THB special edition.
    The three available were quickly sold by secret ballot.


    Triumph has introduced the 2012 Bonneville T100 110[sup]th[/sup] Anniversary bike.
    The limited edition motorcycle is based on the standard 1902 No. 1 Bonneville T100 model.


    Nice lines & livery.
    The Triumph Bonneville 110[sup]th[/sup] Anniversary Edition bike features a classic Khaki Green and Aluminium Silver paint scheme and comes with a special crest on the side cover inspired by classic Triumph tank badges. Other unique items on the 110[sup]th[/sup] anniversary edition bike include a chrome chain guard, chrome pillion grab handle, and a chrome cam cover.


    Speaking to a Brit from the factory in Rayong, Triumph are now producing 52,000 bikes a year,
    with 38,000 being made in Thailand.
    Ah-ha, so what about approaching the BOI?
    Apparently this is now being looked into, as Asian emerging markets are considered to be a very important element for future Triumph sales.
    But I did not get the impression that this was high on anybody’s priority list, even though Ducati has surprised everyone by dropping their prices on Thai-made bikes.
    The belief and rule number 1 of the inscrutable Thai equation, being less money=less prestige.

    MCN's Tiger Explorer first ride video

    A Great Launch Lads :clap:
    Best of British to them both!
  2. Stunning pix as usual, plus insightful report. Thanks Rhodie. That 1200 Explorer certainly looks like the biz for a lot of people around here. Even I would not mind one. Plus you'd get good reliable service from people whom you could talk to.
    I bet both K Dom and K Asawin enjoyed themselves at the show & were somewhat chuffed with the sales. Well done guys. :thumbup:
  3. Great Stuff Rhodie! The 1200 still looks like a Massively Huge Bike to Me! I am sure a Great Tourer but Adventure Bike? I have ridden the New Speed Triple and Fantastic! The "R" is being raved about in all the reviews a Real Top Bike! Also Love the Anniversary Bonnie but Hell the Prices for all of them are sure up there!!! Good to See Triumph are selling well, I called into the CM shop the other Day and they were Full of New Bikes so they are certainly moving them!
  4. Thanks for posting Rhodie. Khun Tu in CNX told me that they have sold four Explorers which will be in town by the 25th. So if anyone in the North wants to have a look, you had better be quick before they go straight out the door.
    K Tu invited be to drop by the show for a test ride but unfortunately I couldn't get into BKK until the following day. Rats!
  5. Great report, although price-wise I would never be a buyer of any of these bikes. And indeed for the wealthy Thai a car or bike must be imported (that is because probably they produce themselves the Thai made cars & bikes?) so must be expensive.

    As I live in KK, good to read that at least someone is realizing that there is a lot of Thai money in Khon Kaen and Udon Thani. Kawasaki and Honda seem not to give a hoot about it.

    Chang Noi
  6. WTF are made in Thailand Triumphs so expensive, while Thai made bikes from Kawi and Ducati more realistically priced
    Is Triumph Thailand projecting an image or is there a legitimate business reason other than greed?
  7. Fantastic report Rhodie! Thanks!

    FWIW, the Explorer is not made in Thailand. Triumph is only manufacturing twins in Thailand at this time. The Explorer is imported from the UK.

    That said, have to agree they're taking the piss on pricing, but Triumph has done a fantastic job here marketing itself as a premium brand and the bikes are still selling, so guess it's a strategy that works. One could certainly argue that from a business stand point it's better to sell a few at huge mark-up than a bunch for less profit.
  8. Kawasai and Ducati have a different kind of corporate set up in Thailand compared to Triumph, has to do with BOI incentives etc.
    Triumphs which are sold and build in Thailand are actually shipped to the UK first and then come back..., dont blame Britbike for that but the crazy customs rules here...and of course the shipping adds to the costs.
    I am the happy owner of a Street Triple R and can only commend the service at Britbike, it's bikers for bikers there, and great to see that the factory keeps on bringing great new bikes on the market.
  9. West just sent Me a Photo. The Explorer 1200 is in the Chiang Mai Show Room now so go and take a look if You are interested?
  10. I am sure that we all have heard the story that they are expensive because they must be exported and then reimported.
    I have also heard that this is not exactly the case and would love to hear from someone that really knows.

    I know that it is their intention to market Triumph as an upscale brand, and price in the eyes of a lot of locals equates to status.

    I remain skeptical and think that they are taking the piss on price.
    Anyone really know?
  11. Can some one tell me why the Triumphs, priced pretty much the same as comparable BMW's (at least the Explorer and 800 series), are seen as expensive but I have never heard anyone complain at the BMW price? Just wondering.
    Triumphs, whilst being made in Thailand, well the twins at least, have to be exported and then re imported. Daft as this may seem, it is in fact the case. One would think that the bikes that are made in Thailand could stay here whilst the paperwork flies around the world but the fact is that the bikes have to be shipped to the UK and then bought back.
  12. My expensive comments are directed at the made in Thailand bikes, and it seems that Triumph needs to get a BOI deal.
    770 for a Bonnie and 400 for a Monster - if I was in the market for another bike it is pretty clear what I would buy.

    Then again maybe they do not give a toss and are happy with selling fewer at a bigger margins and less pressure on a Dealer network
  13. BritBike Chiang Mai....




    It's definitely a big bike - as big as, if not bigger than the Africa Twin & that's on my limit nowadays. Ho. Ho.


    According to BritBike Chiang Mai, 4 x 1200 Explorers were imported in to the country & they have all been sold:
    1 in Chiang Mai
    1 in Lampang
    1 in Phrae
    1 in Sarabruri
    (none sold to riders in Bangkok, yet.)
  14. Triumph Bikes are held in a Bonded Warehouse I was Told not actually flying to England and back! And I agree with You Ron just because they are Made here doesn't immediately mean they should be Cheap? BMW and Mercedes Benz both assemble Cars here, are they Cheap? There was an Article I can't remember where a long time ago which claimed a 3 series BMW should actually be the Same Price as a Honda Accord as both are assembled locally and Taxed accordingly but BMW refuse to Lower their Brand Image or Status by selling at the same level as Honda? I think Hoghead is referring to overseas prices i.e. In some Countries a Bonneville is the same Price as a Kawasaki Versys!!! Ducati have actually gone down the Assembly and BOI Route, Triumph have purposely not done this to keep the Prices High for the "Prestige"! KTM have chosen to go even further up that Path trying to make their Brand for the Elite only!!! While I can't understand their Twisted Logic that is the way it is here! In the Future I believe both Triumph and KTM may well have to reconsider this position as Once the Asian Free Trade Agreement is fully in affect they will be faced with an Onslaught of Competition of the Same Quality but at Better Prices!!! Ducati & Harley Davidson have already recognized this and are preparing for the Asian Market. Ducati here and Harley Davidson in India! KTM are in India but KUNKA is the Distributor for Thailand so set the Prices (HIGH)!!! Time will tell.
  15. Yep, that's exactly right- by bother filing for a BOI exemption like Kawsaki and Ducati have when they can sell their bikes at current prices and keep Triumph a luxury brand?
  16. Ducatti do not have BOI they confirmed to me at Thonglor yesterday. But then why would they as they don't manufacture anything in Thailand. They told me that they import CKD the Monster 795 RRP B/-399,000.00, the Diavel ABS Black RRP B/-799,000.00 and the Diavel Carbon Red RRP B/- 928,000.00. By way of comparison, the Monster 796 fully imported is B/-658,000.00.
    Triumph on the other hand, to comply with their BOI status, have to re-import anything that they sell in Thailand.
    I asked Ducati what they thought about this and they said, well that's the deal with BOI. You have BOI for Global efficiencies not to satisfy the Thai market, which for a brand like Triumph would probably represent not more than 1% of their production.
    I have to say the Hypermotard is a lovely looking bike for running around the mountains in the North at a RRP of B/- 599,000.00. Apparently at the first few days of the current show at Muang Thong Thani, they offered this bike at 0% interest for those where such an arrangement suits.
  17. Thanks David. Looks really great in black.
    K. Tuk is clearly doing wonders compared to Niyom-Panich's limp-wristed efforts.

    Good post Ron re BOI - they told me they are looking at this but evidently not a priority.
    That H-motard is certainly tempting as a run-around.

    As Ian says, I understand that those bikes built here never actually leave LoS
    but just do a "visa-run" to a customs bonded warehouse.
  18. I am not an expert on the matters but I assume that it makes a difference (in price) if the motorbike (or whatever) is assembled here (with mostly imported parts) or if it is build here (with mostly Thai made parts). The first would still be seen as an imported bike and taxed like it.

    But yes it really looks great in black!

    Chang Noi
  19. Explorer Luggage

    I am not sure of the price Britbike are selling these Thai-made plastic ABS boxes.
    But apart from imo looking ugly I don't believe they are up to taking a spill
    compared to the Touratech aluminium Zegas.

    They also have a top box.

    Touratech Thailand
    Address THAILAND
    Touratech (Thailand) Co., Ltd
    126 Moo 6, Watsriwareenoi Road
    Srisajorakhaeyai, Bengsaothong
    Samutprakarn 10540, TH ZIP Code 10540 City Samutprakarn Country Thailand Phone icon_phone.gif+66 (0) 2327 9350 Fax icon_fax.gif+66 (0) 2327 9311 Email Address icon_mail.gif[email protected] Homepage address icon_web.gifwww.touratech.co.th
  20. I was in Triumph Chiangmai today and yes they have a few of the new Triumph 1200s.
    What a beautiful looking machine drewl drewl.
    They look a great bike and I am sure I would enjoy riding and owning one of these.
    They just launched this bike in Australia May 8 so I was so surprised to see these already in Chiangmai.
    The right up on these is good and if any one would like to donate one to me I would be more than grateful.
    The thing I always like about Triumph in my opinion they make a great looking bike compared to the Japanese machines and in looks I like it better than the BMW IT Definitely has not been hit by the ugly stick.
    Its a great looking bike for there first step into this mark.
    Only time will tell how good this machine will be.
  21. Rhodie, I believe that a company with BOI can sell locally duty free if they consistently sell more than something like 5% (volume) of their total production in-market and a certain % of the components that they use are also Thai made. I would guess that this is what Triumph are looking at but I doubt that they sell more than 1% in market right now.
    Triumph do actually ship the bikes to the UK and Brit Bikes then have to import them.
  22. If they actually ship 2 ways I have no idea, but the shipping in bulk isnt a huge cost anyway..

    But what is known is that the BOI deal for triumphs means they are not 'thai made' domestic bikes but made in the BOI bonded zone, and any sold here must be technically imported and taxed as tho they were made overseas.. Hence the costs..
  23. If they sold the Thai made bikes at a Thai price they may? be able to reach this 5%? figure. But then again why bother supplying the likes of us low-so riders when the current marketing scheme is doing so well for the 'Importer"

    I suspect that they prefer the current situation, where they have positioned themselves as a premium brand at a premium price, to the status conscious Thai Buyer.
    More money selling a few bikes at a larger margin, no stress on a small Dealer network, less work, and more face in the premium Hi-So status. Not to mention how to explain to all the current Owners that the price has suddenly dropped.

    I still have difficulty in why the Bonne is so expensive when compared to the price even a couple of years ago.
    Someone is taking the piss and I think we all know who. The problem is that they do not give a toss about the average Joe/Somchai, and although lovely bikes and I could afford one, I will take my business elsewhere

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