Trail open between Pak Beng to Pa oudom


Jul 11, 2007
Last Christmas,i spend few days at an old Lao friend's whose son in law was chief of the team who raised the electrical poles along this new link.
I gave the info to a couple of french bikers who took it this Easter.They told me me it was beautiful in pristine jungle.Now deforestation can start and easily ferry the logs to the Mekong! Pity.
But it can save hiring a boat from Pak Tha to Ban Pakop and re-enter Thailand at Huay Kon.
Of subject,but i am fascinated by the Mekong since my youth and i am presently reading the best book about the river relating its exploration late 19th century from Saigon to Himalaya:" Mad about the Mekong"by
John KEAY,HarperPerennial.(i bought it through Amazon)
Cheers, Lung.