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    Hi, I am off to Lao next week for my first tour by bike.On reading up on lots of postings I think I will try entering at Nakon Phanom/Thakhek. According to what I have been reading I can get Visa,Insurance etc at the Border.If anyone has been here recently and knows otherwise I would appreciate a Nod.Also does anyone have any opinions on whether I really ought to get my green Book translated at Land Transport Office in Thailand.There was an interesting posting on this apparently this can sometimes be an issue,but as Office is 17km outside Udon (and I am lazy) if it is not essential I will skip.I am going to spend hopefully acouple of Weeks checking out Savanakhet,Bolivan Plateu,Champasak, 4000 Islands etc.I really like the sound of the Waterfalls and swimming holes.If anyone has any special places I would love to hear of them

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