Jun 12, 2005
I`ve seen a few articles on trials competitions in Thailand, mostly in Thai bike magazines. They never seem to give any details on the events, who organizes it or the schedule.
Could someone help me on this?
Mar 15, 2003
I have read the site below regarding tours in the Chiang Mai area and they also use some tracks for training. In one article they mention that the best exercise is to do trials riding everyday. Based on this statement alone I am assuming they may have some knowledge. Give it a try.

Dave Early

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Jan 5, 2005
I have tried to get this information as well,with no success.I met a Thai riding a 270 Jtx GasGas last year on some roadside embankments near Chiang Mai he said that about 10-12 of them meet up and ride /practice in the foothills on sundays.Was once a front page of a website started on trials in Thailand but that has now gone.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Trials riding in Chiang Mai. Here's what Ive been able to source from a mate so far...

Quote: "There seem to be at least two trial groups - one is the Northern Trial Club, the other one an informal group I train with behind the 700 year stadium. Both groups do Sunday rides on Doi Suthep. I've never been on a ride with the other group (Northern Trial Club), but the rides with our group are heart attack material..... at the moment I'm just not fit enough, too much computer work.

The (informal) trial group guys don't speak any English, and none of them has email. Training is Wednesday to Friday from 1730 hours until dark behind the 700 year stadium - as you enter through the main gate, keep going straight through the rear gate, keep right and follow foot path until you're up on the east end of the dam, then we're at the dirt cliff 200 meters north.

The Sunday rides are quite severe, and you need a proper trial bike - no way you can do this on an enduro bike!"

Hope this is a help.

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