TRIP to Vientiane - Crossing at Nong Khai

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    [FONT=verdana, sans-serif]Good Evening Good Folks, :p

    Hoping you might be able to help me out on this one.
    I'm planning a ride into Vientiane, across the Nong Khai Friendship bridge. Will probably stay just for a couple of nights.

    NOW - Can someone please help me and assist me in telling me, please, what kind of documentation I need for the Bike to leagally cross the border. Out of Thailand, into Laos and then obviously back into Thailand again.

    I have heard some different stories, prices on fees, trouble leaving Laos to get back into Thailand again etc. (Need Visa for your bike - issued by the Thai DMV) ?!
    Would be highly appreciated if some of you that have done this could give me a couple of hints and some advice.

    My bike is bigger than 250 cc - just as an FYI!
    If someone could give me a "walk thru" step by step process - that would be highly appreciated.

    In advance thanks a lot and hoping to hear from you as a good fellow biker. :happy3:

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