Triumph FACTORY tour UK

Oct 17, 2006
Ok yesterday i rode up to Hinckley a 560km round trip with 10 other riders to a tour oif the Triumph factory. We were shown round the plant for 3 hours including the machine shops, paint, powder coating , motor assembly and final bike assembly and packing. Triuumph now have 4 factories 2 in UK and 2 in Thailand . a 5th factory will be built in thailand next year. All engines are built in UK then some are sent to the4 Thai factory at AMATA chonburi for the assembly line there which makesd Rocket3 and Bonneville twins for ASIA and Australia. The UK line makes all models SPEEDS 3 , Bonny , Rocket,Daytona etc for Europe , USA etc.
Total production 2007 40,000 bikes from 1200 employees worldwide. by 2012 they will build 80,000 bikes a year. with anothe 8 new models coming online in the next 3 years .

The plant is the most modern bike factory in the4 world the production line in UK produces 180 bikes a day with only 93 workers per shift . Honda need 194.The line is mixed a Bonny may be followed by a 6754 or Rocket all is computer controlled it is very efficient.

will tell more soon.

May 25, 2006
Hi jerry,

Just get a good job there (in one of their Thai factories) and you'll be the King of the Hill !

When do you back to TH ?
Nov 11, 2006
I'm sure they didn't mention that the reason behind increasing investment and production in Thailand is that in the future all Triumph production will be done there.


Mar 5, 2006
I have suggested to BritBikes to set up a factory visit to Chonburi.
Khun Yut is working on this, but Triumph have yet to complete construction
and are discouraging such a visit.

Word on EFI "Classic Range" - carbs will still be produced for some markets until April 2008,
when production will be entirely EFI.

2008 models now have plastic tank badges on what appear to be larger tanks.
In fact capacity has not increased as Triumph are "hiding" fuel pump beneath the tank.
I understand that in NZ '08 models still have carbs but with the larger tank.