Two Aussies die in Laos - drug links claim

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    It really gets a bit tiring reading all the media garbage about people dieing in Laos..
    Especially fellow Aussies..

    The title should have been.. 'Another Two Aussie D1ckheads die in Laos - Drug links claim"..

    May be I am just too innocent.. But only once have I been approached by someone selling weed.. Quickly brushed him off.
    Then in Vang Vieng with all that is available on the menus..

    These "Two Aussie D1ckheads" must have been going out of there way to find drugs in Vientiane and they found them.

    Now, had they taken an overdose in some poor suburb of Sydney.. Would they have made the headlines and blighted the image of another country?.
    Very much doubt it...

    Do drugs and do them in a place where you can't trust the source?? Up to you.. but be prepared for the worst or even jail..
    Expect the drugs they took were too pure for them compared to the stuff they get in Australian..
    Not enough Ajax or other cleaners mixed in...

    Nice touch with a picture of Luang Prabang in the story.. Well done The Australian, another Murdoch paper...

    Great warning by DFAT also..
    "The Australian government's smartraveller website warns of the dangers of drug use in Laos."
    Shouldn't that be drug use in general.. even in Australia..

    Two Aussies die in Laos - drug links claim

    Two Australian friends travelling in Laos have reportedly been found dead within days of each other. Source: AAP

    TWO Australian friends travelling in the southeast Asian nation of Laos died within days of each other, reportedly from drug overdoses.

    Kane Scriven, 40, and Nick Parkin, 39, both from Darwin, who had worked as ship crewmen, were found dead in the Laotian capital Vientiane early in January.

    Mr Scriven's body was found in his hotel room on January 1, while Mr Parkin was found dead three days later, also in his hotel room.

    The men had been travelling together but it is not certain whether the deaths were linked.

    ABC radio reports both men died from drug overdoses, possibly from the same batch of drugs, although this had not been confirmed by Laotian or Australian authorities.

    Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) said two Australian men had died in Vientiane but would not reveal their names, citing privacy laws.

    Family and friends of the dead men left messages on Facebook to remember the pair.

    "My brother Nick died in Laos on the 4(th)," said Timothy Parkin.

    Jaimie Hildebrand, a friend of Mr Parkin, said she was hoping to hear the news was a prank.

    "Love you with all my heart," she said on her page.

    Another friend, Luke Martin, said Mr Parkin was a great man and friend.

    "Having known you has been an absolute pleasure and I'm sad to hear your (sic) gone, but so thankful for the fantastic memories," he said.

    On Tuesday a friend of Mr Scriven, Joel Kowalski, who had worked with the two men at Workboats Northern Australia said Mr Scriven would be missed.

    "He was definitely a larrikin. He had a kind heart and was always there for everyone," Mr Kowalski said.

    The Australian government's smartraveller website warns of the dangers of drug use in Laos.

    "Some restaurants in popular tourist locations offer drug-laced food and drink which may contain harmful and unknown substances," the website said.

    "The unknown additives in these foods and drinks can be dangerous and may result in serious illness and death."
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    There are Heaps of Foreigners Die every Month somewhere in Asia but unless the Story has something Juicy or Gorey it doesn't really rate a mention to the media? Loads of Australian and English Die all the Time but there are a Lot of them Traveling, matter of Odds! The Tubing in Vang Vieng was a good story for a while! Look at Pattaya, Always some good ones from there, The Latest the Poor Russian Girl Who was killed when Her Boyfriend dropped the Sports Bike on Beach Road after Midnight, No Helmet or Safety Gear! Plenty of Silly Decisions are made by Tourists! Unfortunately it often Proves Fatal here!

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