Two Honda win for sale in Chiang Mai

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  1. The Hondas are From Vietnam with all the required papers including boarderpapers. The bikes are both in a technically perfect condition. Both clutches are newly replaced and the engine has a new piston. (Made by a serious Honda Garage up to 125cc). Sport airfilter, shock über reoiled, New spark plug, oil has Bern change every 500 km. One has a New round Front light. New batteries. Everything works perfectly and can be shown through a testdrive. It comes with two solid bagpack racks, 2 rubber bands , 2 helmets, 2 Blocks and additonally you get tools like the all important open end wrench, screwdriver plus a spark plug key. Also tools for tire changing + pump + extra tube. Gears and breaks cables replaced Ehen wie bought it . We can dell it Tod other travellers with good consience cause we took care and replaced everything that needed To be replaced. If you have an questions, we are more than happy to answer them.

    Contact: [email protected]
    Phone: 0999494832; (+66999494832)
  2. I have been reading many for sale ads for "Honda" Wins. Some statements are identical.

    Oil change every 500 km for example.

    Nothing made by Honda inside, or they would be worth a fortune and have kick starters.

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