U.S.A. Mail and Package Forwarding to Thailand


Mar 29, 2004
Interesting and timely topic...
I've been using USPS for the last 3 years to ship motorcycle parts from USA to Cambodia for my personal use.
So far, the only import tax I have to pay is $1 or $2 when I pickup the parcel.

Recently, there seems to be a problem with USPS Priority International.
3 of my parcels sent separately over the last few months were mis-routed. Two went to Canada and the other to Japan.
The one sent to Japan is still being sorted out, 6 weeks after being shipped. I guess I will get it here eventually.

Preferably I would use USPS Express Mail International but my supplier, Thumpertalk, cant use them. They can only use USPS Priority but their insurer, U-PIC, wont insure packages to Cambodia with clients that have high volume accounts

Further inquiries to USPS reveal that Express Mail International (EMI) is in fact available to Cambodia, so perhaps Thumpertalks automated account with USPS excludes them from using EMI.

So that brings me to mail forwarders.
Shipito looks like a good deal. If they can insure my packages and send them USPS-EMI to Cambo, then it sounds like a good option.
Like you wrote on the Thaivisa site, I too prefer to use USPS for tax reasons, as using Fedex for motorcycle parts in Cambo can attract 55% tax.

I might give Shipito a try next time I order and see how it goes.