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  1. We are leaving today to touring eastern part of TH, if any one is on that part

    From Ubon plan is drive to,, HW 24 to Nang Rong then to 348 to Prasat Kaho Lon then 3486, 3393,3198 to 3197 Sa Kaeo then 317 to 3299,3389,3157,3271 to TRAT.

    Then back to HW 3 to Chantaburi and continue via Rayong to Sattahip to Pattaya then from Pattaya back to Ubon

    my mobile is 081-8799811.

    Having that in the pocket so SMS me then i can call back,,

    I dont call back to any number if there is no any one talking as you know ALL thai people has been advised not to call back to any not known number's as terrorist in the south are using that tactic's to detonate they bombs.

    So they program some number to they devices and then call to that number just one signal, so when one calls back it will detonate the the bombs..
    My back round is Security Expert so i kind of know these hings..LOL

    Thais been advised about this almost yearly and AIS also inform they customers about this,, so you know now as well.

    So SMS me saying who you are and i'll call back to you.
  2. Marco,

    Myself (Dougal) and Franz (Eastern Seaboard) are in the Pattaya area.

    Would be great to meet up with you when you arrive. When do you arrive?

    Will SMS you as well.
  3. Dougal

    Dont know exact date yet but maybe around 23rd as we need to be back in Ubon on 25th....

    but SMS me and we keeping touch by that way
  4. Hi Marco & Peter, I will most probably not be around as I am planning to join the charity ride of Charoenmotors/YAMAHA in CNX this weekend to Doi Inthanon. Anyway have a save & good ride in Eastern Thailand. Cheers, Franz
  5. 18.March Ubon to Trang

    Well after long packing and challenging job for wifey, to fill up only 3 small bags to the trip we managed get in to road at 1330 and ones in the road noticed that beemer’s windshield do not work(it should go up and down) well driven from home to Ubon 40Km with heavy wind to the head,,while wifey do the banking business I had a look of fuses and of course one fuse was busted, so off I go to car spare part shop and as they where our neighbors during our business was there I had big smile in my face while asking the fuse,, wow they had it so I took it,, guy told me 4thb,, and I joke back that pang mak mak,, so he gave it to me with 3,,,cant complain, lol,, im getting rich in this way…

    Any how after 2banks we managed head to road, so off we go heading to Ubon to Sisaket and was hot like h*ll, beemers meter show +39,,

    Then from Sisaket to Surin, actually we dint plan to come suring but as we haven’t stay yet in Surin we desided to drop by here,,,,

    About 20km before suring ofcourse we catch the rain, so fast evacualtion to buss stop and wait,, it was noce and got bike washed also, 10min and on the road again at 1800hrs we arrived o surin and with out more looking around heading to The Petchkasem hotel,, 850THB superior room, not much but with the Bfast….

    Shower and out to eat and buy some what we left to home…

    HEY, any suggestion for hotels on our way…

    Pictures later...

    To be continue…….
  6. Marco, Peter Dougal just called me, please see my link in the "Eastern-any message" section 'mechanic in Rayong' just before you come to Rayong on route #36, next to where the plenty petrolstations are on the left side ....... hopefully it's just a glitch and nothing serious !! Sorry I don't know any mechanic in Pattaya, and as far as my knowledge goes there's no BMW service point in Eastern Thailand. Good Luck, Franz
  7. Congratulations, good to see you finally on the road enjoying your bike & life. Have a good safe ride & hope to see you in Chiang Mai. And yeah, the weather is H-O-T.
  8. from 18-24.March 1200KM, was a fantastic trip

    Met Dougal(Perter) CDRW Jay in Pattaya,, what a guys,, had so much fun.

    today we came from pattaya to Ubon 700+km and 9 hrs with 5 stops (wife was with me..LOL)

    but now relax and tomorrow i will put something intresting together with this trip....
  9. Marco did you get your Beemer fixed and what was the problem ?? Cheers, Franz
  10. Franz

    It's just a normal 5000km service and normal cliking sould from pistons, i will put it for Barcelona during the motor show so they cn do service for it...

    Nothing major.

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