Udon 22-24th

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  1. Will be in Udon Thani 22nd - 24th

    any one for pint or two...three..... :wink:

    i'll stay in Top Mansion, evening you might find me opposite of Irish Clock, if there is party on going... :twisted:
  2. Sounds like your leaving the Saturday the 25th. If yt yuor plans are still to go Chaing Rai via Nan. We can ride with you as far as Dan Sai I want to to try to find hotel rooms for the festival. But need to return that night.

    105 is supposed to be a great ride to pickup the road to Nan which is another great one
  3. Maybe I better get the map out :oops:

    Waht is the road from Dan Sai to Nan?
  4. MArco is headed home anyway, so no need. Thanks Though
  5. Ray

    thank you again your hospitality and it was lot's of fun as always

    I have to say it was darn hot to ride back,, +40 all the way,, i consume 3L of water.
    Beemer is fun to ride but as a rider is so well protected from the wind so i was or at least it felt that i was inside stowe whole day...

    Ray, keep us posted if you got vaice to your head set or not,,,
  6. Colin

    i cant drink that much,,,i feel like water baloon already after few mouthful.

    But i think i'm gonna have one of those portable "Bladders" and have a tube iniside helmet so i can drink when ever feel like.

    and of course "electrolite" is must when one rides in extream heat.
  7. Well I just did 450 Klms plus today and let me tell you that cool vest really helps. It was so hot that it was completly dry in 100 Klms. It really makes a difference.

    Your very Welcome Marco I had fun as well

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