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  1. Hello

    Me and my Girlfriend bought two Minsk in Vietnam and drove down all the way from Hanoi through to Koh Panghan. We never had any Problems to cross Borders with our funny Vietnamese Documents. But when we entered Thailand we had to fill in a Customs-Import-Form. There it says that we have to re-export the Bikes again before the 17. of January. The fine would be 120 000 Baht if we're to late. But what we actually planned to do before, was selling the Bikes here in Thailand and fly back home. What happens if we leave the Country whithout the Minsk and just throw the Custom-Form in the bin? Do you think we're registratet in a Computer which is also conected whith the Customs at the airport or do they just use local PCs? If not, we would just sell them for any amount or give them away for free.
    I would be happy for some advice and tips. The 17. is coming soon...

    Thank you very much. David

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  2. David
    (Aha yes another David, you must be a good guy?)

    Seriously, probably nothing will happen. Over the years I’ve met several guys who brought bikes in, left them here & they still cross the border without problems. This is almost too good to be true & one day I reckon that you won't be able to do it anymore. But right now it's "probably" still ok.
    Where did you enter Thailand though? If it was Nong Khai, where they are "heavily computerized" it could be a problem, but again I don't think so as I don’t believe that they - Customs / Immigration computers - are linked so well.

    Now I would be happy to see you contribute some road & trip reports to the board after your long interesting ride….. The 17 will soon be gone & so will you, but we'll be waiting for you contributions. You're a good man with a name like David…….so over to you.

    Keep The Power On
  3. Hello Davidfl

    What a relief!!!! We were starting to feel a bit worried that our biketrip would find a really expensive end. I hope the situation is still as you described. We crossed into Thailand at the border of Chong Mek or Phibun (Thats what it says on the custom-paper) coming from Pakxe.
    I would recomend the trip from Hanoi to Thailand to everyone. Even to not so experienced riders. Before we bought the bikes in Hanoi our Drivingskills were really basic. We havent been sitting on a bike for more then ten Years. And to be honest, my mechanical knowledge was also quite poor. But if your'e able to hold a hammer and a big screwdriver: Go for it. In Hanoi we bought the Motos from Cuong. A reliable Guy. You can trust him. But make sure to be at the shop during the time they prepare the bikes. Thats the best way to get a glimpse how these Russian Dinosaurs work.
    After a two week trip in the North of Vietnam we felt safe enough to drive over to Laos. We crossed the border in Cau Treo. It was confusingly easy. We just got our passport stamped and didnt have to fill in one single form. They didn't even look at the bikes.
    Driving in Laos is Paradise. No traffic at all. (After driving in Hanoi probably everything feels like no traffic). If you drive on the unpaved dustroads you will have some flat tires once in a while. F***ing Nails. But the minsk is easy to fix. W only got lost once when we wanted to drive from Atapeu to Ban Thangbeng on the Road 18 south of the Bolavenplateau. On the Map it said the Road would be OK for 4WDs. Maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere. But all the People always pointed in this direction. Hmmmm? After getting stuck in the third Mudhole the Horsetrack split up in 3. Thats it. And its also getting dark really early. Instead of the 18 we took another Road that leads straight over the Plateau and is in a good condition.
    If anyone needs particular informations just write me a mail. Hopefully I can help.

  4. David
    No need to email you, just wack the info on here for us all to read.
    We all appreciate the "particular informations" everytime. Many thanks in advance.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip so much. S E Asia is a bit alright for motorcycle riding & touring isn't it?

    Keep The Power On
  5. Dear David

    Several people told me that there won't be any problems to leave the Country without the bikes. They said we shouldn't care about the Customs Form. But they also told us that we could get problems if we want to come Back to Thailand.
    What do you think?

    Greets David
  6. I think probably not.
    As I said before I don’t believe that the Customs & Immigration computers are that that well linked.
    If you get caught, you could be the first, so please let us all know how you go & what happened.
    I look forward to seeing the rest of your "particular informations " on the trip.

    Keep The Power On
  7. a friend who is a farang but also a tourist cop told me that as the import forms aint in your pasport and their the only documents it "should" be cool,
    i think i saw you guys passing me today in ban tai near the sauna, when are you selling and how much?
  8. If you have seen a cloud of blue smoke coming from two noisy bikes, one blue and one green, it was us then. Our new idea was to "escape" to malaysia before the 17. of January. Do you know how strict they are down there with custom-forms, imorting and exporting bikes?

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