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  1. If I purchase a used bike in another part of Thailand and have it posted or whatever method is best. Would there be any problems with registering the bike without the former owner being present and how difficult would it be to register the bike to me on a six month tourist visa, in Phuket.
  2. Seller does not have to be present to complete title transfer but they do have to fill out power of attorney and title transfer forms and supply supporting documents with original signatures (no photocopies).

    Is seller foreign or Thai? If foreign the LTD office may require copy of sellers valid visa.

    I've heard Phuket will accept tourist visa. This varies from province to province and is always subject to change so best to check ahead of time.
  3. Thanks Tony for all the info.
  4. Buying a bike sight unseen is a risky proposition at best. Easier to travel to where the bike is, complete transfer at the nearest LTO, only when that is complete fork over the money and buy it, and then post it if you don't want to ride it home. Also as Tony said, some offices won't accept a transfer on a tourist visa and the ones I have been to also wanted the letter from your appropriate immigration office which verifies your address and status to put it in your name. Without the letter and appropriate Type O visa the LTO's I've dealt with (Khon Kaen, Surin, and Roi Et) would NOT allow the transfer! So protect yourself, if not as they say a fool and his money are soon parted, especially here!

    Good Luck! Brian
  5. Thanks for the sound advice, Brian.

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